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  1. MrJetset

    eTicket on EK website hasn't updated

    I have a domestic QF flight connecting to EK. I made a change to the first sector to counter QF’s impending schedule cancellations and to allow more of a buffer for the transit. After calling HBA yesterday, I received the eticket PDF immediately with the same (previous) ticket number from QF...
  2. MrJetset

    Article on Refurbished A388 J cabins!

    Posted by AusBT today. Looks incredible! Qantas’ new A380 business class reveals massive changes Finally a decent A388 J cabin. It makes the argument for paying for QF F much less compelling with their current cabin, even with the 'refresh.'
  3. MrJetset

    Where are the awards?

    During the pandemic, awards were almost impossible to find in premium cabins. I've had some success for LAX, mostly thanks to EF alerts. As travel begins to return to normal with the border reopening on 21 February, I expected to see QFF awards reappear. Looking at QF23/24 to and from BKK or...
  4. MrJetset

    CNN Business Traveller on QF/EK Partnership

    This month's CNN Business Traveller focuses on the 3 Gulf airlines and their approach to alliances. Interesting interview with the CEO of EK, including his hint at EK putting codeshares on QF flights to the US to provide "a truly transglobal A380 operation with Qantas and Emirates working...
  5. MrJetset

    PS upgraded from Y to J SYD-NRT

    So one of my colleagues who is PS just told me that her and her NB husband got op-uped at the gate SYD-NRT on 18 December 2012. All of my FT/AFF knowledge makes me question how this could be? Surely single WP1/CL/WP/SG would have been given priority?
  6. MrJetset

    DXB A380 Hub opens today

    According to EK's Facebook the new A380 Terminal at DXB will see its first flight depart today. See Emirates A380 Hub | Flying with Emirates | Emirates While the photos are all rendered, it looks impressive. The direct access from the lounge to the aircraft will be brilliant. Can't wait to...
  7. MrJetset

    Qantas Competition Privacy Breach

    I received the email informing me about the Les Mis premiere competition, and I went to enter it on my iPhone. Upon loading the page I saw all fields pre-populated with another FF's details. In fact, there is enough information here to essentially reset their password and access their account...
  8. MrJetset

    Qantas Insiders

    As someone who used to get his hair cut at RAW Darlinghurst, and stopped as a result of this: Bad day for exclusive hair stylist after co-owner's drugs charge | and Cookies must be enabled. | The Australian I am amazed that QF would chose Anthony Nader as a QF Insider My city...
  9. MrJetset

    What's with Row 10 on the 777?

    My no status partner booked a whY+ fare on VA SYD-LAX return. I was helping him with seat selection and VA advised that all of the first row (Row 10) are blocked 'for operational reasons.' Now really? Checking E/F some of the seats are actually occupied, and the agent said if a medical...
  10. MrJetset

    EY First Class Lounge

    I've booked to fly to SYD-CAI via AUH in F, however EY have cut F on the second sector. As an arriving pax in F, and a Velocity Platinum frequent flyer, can I access the First Class Lounge at AUH during the 8 hour layover?
  11. MrJetset

    Help! AA botched my EY booking

    Looking to fellow AFFers for help: I made 2 reservations from 2 AAdvantage accounts for travel on EY. I called the Australian call centre, which I believe is in Fiji, and they got the name of the second passenger wrong (an extra a in the first name) , despite looking up her Aadvantage account...
  12. MrJetset

    Jet* [StarClass] Questions

    Given that Simon Westaway has joined AFF, I wanted to post a few questions in the forum for his response: Simon, I'm flying *class in a few weeks for the first time. I've heard good reports, however two issue that keeps coming up are that seats that were selected by the pax often get changed...
  13. MrJetset

    ExpertFlyer AA Award Searches

    Hi, We're planning on flyer SYD-LHR return in J or F in July or August 2011. Using QF points in one direction, and AA miles in the other. I know QF will open up seats on request, and I've had success doing this in the past but am unsure what to do about the AA portion. Can anyone advise...
  14. MrJetset

    AA vs QF FF Numbers

    So I've joined AA and am about to make some redemption bookings. Can one book an award in J on OW using AA miles, and use QFF membership card to gain access to First Lounges? Or can you change the FF# once the award has been made?
  15. MrJetset

    Seating - V Australia Business

    Hi, Just booked HKT-SYD on V Australia in Business. Selected seats 1H & K. Can anyone advise why Seatguru describes 1K as having restricted legroom? I booked the product based on the flatbed so am a little confused as to how this seat can have restricted legroom. 1A/C are occupied, so perhaps...
  16. MrJetset

    Adelaide Hilton - Bait and Switch or Misleading and Deceptive Conduct?

    A fortnight ago I made a reservation via Hilton's website for a King Suite at the Adelaide Hilton for 4 nights. Upon reading that some of the rooms have been refurbished, and others have not, I just called the hotel to ask if they could prebook a refurbished suite. The Front Desk Manager...