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  1. dxwell

    SQ Redemption not working IST-BNE

    Been trying to book a SQ redemption for IST-BNE J class for early January 2021. I hit the button at exactly 10am AEST 355 days out, but only see Advantage redemptions. I can see IST-SIN J Saver redemptions for the date, and then the next day I can see SIN-BNE J Save redemptions. Is this because...
  2. dxwell

    Classic 100 Composers

    I have had the most beautiful weekend listening to the ABC ClassicFM top 100 composers. My grandmother lived with us and had Classic FM playing in her lounge from before I was a thing. I blame this for my obsession with classical music. I think that the voters got the top 100 spot on (I won't...
  3. dxwell

    Something big is coming! (1st May)

    Logged into Velocity this afternoon and this came up. Yep, it sucked me in :)
  4. dxwell

    Flybuys year in review 2018

    A great way to earn Velocity points, thanks Flybuys for 2018.
  5. dxwell

    Boozebud $10 for $50 voucher

    Good deal on Boozebud via Groupon: $5 for a $30 voucher $10 for a $50 voucher Only for new Boozebud customers Delivery times are long due to...
  6. dxwell

    NOT Buyers Remorse - duty free

    Here I sit drinking a wee dram of Glenmorangie 10 year old, a drop very well matched to a Tuesday night, and I am suffering from "NOT buyer's remorse". I DID NOT buy alcohol when I came through duty free a couple of weekends ago!! I never (very seldom) get buyer's remorse as I am usually...
  7. dxwell

    Platinum timing gotcha

    An interesting gotcha for an ex-VA WP dropping to SG (with 886 SC): The grace period for WP was 12 August. I booked flights on 12 August but I could not select economy X. Rang the Velocity help line and they told me that "the WP privileges apply to the period you are WP, and as you are going to...
  8. dxwell

    I never receive Velocity email offers but my wife does

    Hi, is there some secret to getting the velocity bonus and offer emails? My wife gets them all - bonus points, double SC, BP offers, etc. In my preferences I have all checkboxes ticked for email correspondence. Can you shed any light on this?
  9. dxwell

    Brisbane - Sydney - Athens - Santorini - Istanbul - Cappadocia

    I get a lot of enjoyment from reading other's trip reports, I thought I would write one for our journey that starts today. Our trip is: BNE-SYD on VA Business Class on points SYD-SIA-IST on SIA Business Class on points IST-ATH on Aegean with upgrade me bid to Business Class ATH-JTR (Santorini)...
  10. dxwell

    Oh my god! Where’s my flight?

    We booked BNE-DPS in January for a family of four this weekend. Mum and Dad are both WP so we booked out row 3 to get shadows next to each WP. All ticketed ok. Put a bid in for J upgrade in March. On Wednesday, the upgrade bid hadn’t cleared so I called the WP call centre to ask about paid J...
  11. dxwell

    What does a butler do?

    We’re staying at the Royal Beach Seminyak next weekend and the private villa comes with a butler. This is our first experience with a butler. What exactly will they do? Thanks, DX
  12. dxwell

    Great London apartments

    A bit late, but we spent 10 days in an amazing apartment in London booked through We stayed in a 2 bedroom apartment on Pall Mall, everything within walking distance, great apartment for $250 US per night. Having always stayed in places like Lancaster Gate...
  13. dxwell

    Compensation for no aircon in hotel room

    We are staying in a hotel room on the Gold Coast for 3 nights. Cost is $645 per night. The aircon does not work in our suite which makes for a warm sleep. It is not able to be fixed and the hotel is fully booked during our stay. The reception staff said they will provide compensation but asked...
  14. dxwell

    How to book international Y out, J return on Virgin website?

    Hi all, Is it possible on the Virgin website to book a return flight, Y on BNE-LAX with J on the return leg? It seems I can only select either Economy OR Premium/Business but not all for international flights (can do all fares on domestic selection). Help most appreciated.
  15. dxwell

    VA Plat Upgrademe - Bali?

    As a new WP: Platinum members are entitled to four complimentary fare upgrades per year from a Freedom fare (fare classes Y, B, H, K, L) to a Business Class seat on Domestic, Trans Tasman or International Short Haul flights marketed and operated by Virgin Australia. My questions: A. Does...
  16. dxwell

    Benefits of VA WP

    My wife and I both qualified for VA WP in the middle of this year. We've had 9 VA flights since July and have had only two occasions where we were recognised as WP (we got Domestic J upgrades when flights were delayed). Other than the row 3 selection (which has been superb, especially given the...
  17. dxwell

    SQ Premium Economy is very very good

    I recently flew SQ Premium Economy from SIN to FRA and found both the hard product and soft product to be of very high quality. Now I feel stupid to have not booked PE every time for international long haul given the small additional cost. When SQ PE was first launched, I read all the reviews...