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    QBR DSC offer opens tomorrow (Book Feb 20 - 25, 2020)

    Just registered for a new DSC promotion starting tomorrow for Qantas Business Rewards customers A business must be a Qantas Business Rewards Member to earn Qantas Points for business. Membership and the earning of Qantas Points as a business are subject to the Qantas Business Rewards Terms and...
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    Suggestions for 7 hour evening transit in SFO

    Next week I have a 7 hour transit in SFO. Unfortunately it is in the evening (17:45 - 00:55). Do you think it is worth taking the BART downtown? Any suggestions on how to spend the time? Eg somewhere to eat and/or be a tourist at that time of day?
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    Qantas Sunrise special event tonight

    In the JFK American flagship lounge right now and there is a Qantas special guest area set aside for the passengers of the Project Sunrise test flight that departs tonight.
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    Flying CX ex-ADL to maximise SC earn

    I see that the QF SC earn when flying CX in J ADL-HKG is 100 SC compared to 60 when flying say MEL-HKG. I assume due to QF not flying to HKG ex-ADL themselves. On a return J flight that is 100+ extra SC earn when taking into account the MEL-ADL positioning flight. Note, I'm actually looking...
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    NRT-LHR on Malaysian F OW = $1,982, RT= $3,116 How much status would this credit to QF? I'm trying to work out what this text means at Frequent Flyer - Flying Qantas and Partner Airlines - Flying with Qantas & Jetstar - Earning Qantas...
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    Decorative [Inoperative] passport machines at LAX TBIT

    The last few times I’ve been through LAX TBIT, all the electronic passport machines are switched off and replaced with a 9 layer deep snake of queuing passengers serviced by a handful of immigration officers. I’m sure those machines were working at some point. Why do they make it so difficult?
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    ANZ Frequent Flyer Black double points offer

    Did anyone else get this targeted ANZ Frequent Flyer Black offer. Ends up being 2 QFF points per dollar for 3 months, capped at $7500 per month. From the email Enjoy a bonus Qantas Point for 3 months on every $1 spent! BOOST YOUR EARN RATE ON YOURANZ FREQUENT FLYER BLACK CREDIT CARD Hi...
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    Transiting to Scoot in SIN with carry on

    QF35 left MEL late yesterday shortening Mrs HockeyMonkey's connection time to TR430 in SIN from 2h 35m to about an hour. She only had carry on, but was forced to go landslide to get a boarding pass resulting in her missing her flight (just). Is there a reason she could not use a transit desk...
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    Refused guest child access to TBIT OW lounge when flying QF

    My SG colleague just returned from a family vacation to Disneyland and on the way home was looking forward to spending some time in the TBIT OW J lounge with his wife and two children. The lounge dragon refused entry for his children stating that the OW policy does not include children as...
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    Melbourne to Hamburg J status run Qantas/Finnair

    About to board the final leg of my MEL-SYD-HKG-HEL-HAM DSC trip in J Qantas domestic was severely disrupted on Saturday due to Sydney storms so our 11am MEL-SYD flight was delayed around an hour which unfortunately resulted in skipping the QF SYD F lounge. Originally booked a 2 hour connection...
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    WP guesting more than one person into the QF F lounge?

    In October I'm travelling to the US with a few colleagues on QF93 and they are already lobbying to leverage my WP status ;) Does anyone have any successful experiences trying to guest more than one person into the QF F lounge? How strictly are the rules enforced?
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    Cathay lounge access during transit

    I am a OWE and have an upcoming transit which arrives in HKG at 7:30am via AY with a departure at 8pm via QF Could I use the Pier or Wing first lounges as both an arrivals lounge in the morning for breakfast and a rest before clearing customs for a day trip into town and then reenter in the...
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    Double posting of points and status credits

    Had an interesting situation this week. 1) Checked in on an AA flight on a QF codeshare and got a boarding pass. 2) Went to the lounge and asked to be put on an earlier flight. Was put on standby and got a boarding pass at the gate 3) Received points and status credits for both flights. One...
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    How do you quickly find the best $/SC option?

    I make heavy use of sites such as Skyscanner, Matrix ITA and momondo when searching for a flight. Love their sort by price and duration options, but what I’d really love is a sort by $/SC which would obviously be reward program specific (QFF in my case) How do you quickly find the best $/SC...
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    Delaying status credits posting to my account

    I’ve already made WP for this year with my account resetting on August 31. Just found out I need to travel for business mid August. Are there any proven tactics I can use to delay the posting of status credits from this trip until after September 1st? I will already be delaying the 50SC...
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    Tax deductibility of premium cabin travel

    Hi AFFers, The company I work for has a quite restrictive international travel reimbursement policy of lowest cost Y fare +$150. Anything above this has to be covered by the employee. If I chose to travel in J, would the difference be tax deductible as long as I keep a travel diary etc? I...
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    Successful CSM requests

    Having recently attained SG for the first time and heading to WP, I now get a CSM greeting me at some point during the flight and asking me to let them know if there is anything I need. Some are seemingly less sincere than others, just reading off a printout or tablet. To date I've not asked...
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    Qantas American Express Ultimate Card - 65000 Qantas Point Offer (New as of 18 Apr 2018)

    Not the highest bonus points at the moment, however if you just can't wait for a better offer please consider using my referral link. You will receive 65,000 QFF points after spending $1500 in the first 3 months and I will get 30,000 points. This is more...
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    Free Free Qantas Lounge pass x1 - Expire 4 August 2018

    On offer x1 QF Lounge Pass. Expiry 4 August 2018. This is a standard lounge pass and cannot be used at domestic J lounges or LAX TBIT. This is an electronic lounge pass, to use it you will need to have a QFF number so I can link it to your booking via the QF website. Conditions: Active...
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    Contrasting approaches to premium travel

    Mrs HockeyMonkey makes me laugh sometimes. This year we have been fortunate enough to experience quite a bit of premium award travel thanks to the advice on AFF. My approach is to maximise the opportunity and try everything. On EK F SIN-MEL recently, this included - Hennesy Paradis - Dom...