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  1. Mr Isolated

    Transit Visa for India - NEED HELP

    Hi Guys, I will be transiting India twice on my trip around the world. First is an overnight stopover (8 hours) the second is about 16 hours. We don't mind staying in the airport / hotel but have read (qantas website) that we have to clear immigration to recheck our bags in... meaning we will...
  2. Mr Isolated

    Flight Report QF642 Perth to Sydney Economy

    Just landed from a flight from Perth to Sydney. - excellent boarding procedure, 3 rows at a time. - excellent communication from airport staff and airline staff. - fantastic flight crew, looking after all passengers including those with dietary requirements. - BOOZE!! Wine and beer available...
  3. Mr Isolated

    New Qantas Premier Card - Too Many Points?!

    Hi, I got a Qantas Premier Platinum Card about 7 weeks ago. It got the 120k points bonus, 20k per month for 6 months.... I was expecting my first 20k HOWEVER I received 70k. I have no idea if I got too many or I’m going to get screwed out of 50k points. Not sure what to do, has this happened...