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    British Airways axes seat recline on short-haul flights

    I'm in favour of no recline of short haul flights.
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    What irritates you most while flying?

    A screaming child is makes any flight seem longer
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    An article in today's Australian says that Emirates and Virgin Atlantic are looking for a strech version capable to taking 1000 passengers,5744,12000767%255E23349,00.html
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    I tend to think that any ideas that do not contribute to revenue generation will go the way of the original 747 upper deck bar
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    I've had success a number of times calling the day before, certainly wouldn't leave it until your at the airport
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    QFF programme changes - AGAIN! Can't be good news?

    Does anybody have any information if Singapore, Cathay etc have made similar changes to their programs on such a regular basis as Qantas seems to be doing.
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    Award flight help please!

    Never been able to get a SYD-LAX business flight using points but have been lucky with MEL-LAX
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    I've also found the FF service centre very helpful on a recent trip to Paris they had 2 upgrades available and worked with me to use a combination of points and about to exprire upgrade credits to minimise the cost to me.
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    What is the worst snack on Qantas flights?

    As we all know ther are airlines that serve worse things than Qantas but that doesn't make Qantas' offerings good - just less bad
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    What is the worst snack on Qantas flights?

    I keep looking at the chioces and keep changing my mind on which is worse, can't we have a "All of the Above" response that'd be my vote
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    US-VISIT Program

    Not too worried about it, had to have the same info on my "Alien Identity Card" some years ago while living in Japan. If the Americans feel safer doing it this way, certainly won't stop me going there.
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    Qantas promotion - Win Bledisloe Cup tickets

    Can I have the tickets if you win then danielh? Anyway this it Rugby (ie Rigby Union) not that league game
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    Jetstar's 30min deadline policy

    Had a friend fly Hbt-Std last week on Jetstar she didn't find the boarding policy a problem at all and was postive to using it again
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    Nominate your favourite airport and why...

    HKG for its effieciency, cleanliness and ease of transport, the CX lounges are very good too. JFK & CDG just because I love New York & Paris
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    How many Airlines you have flown?

    Qantas TAA Ansett Garuda Singapore Thai Intl Cathay Pacific Dragon Air Asiana JAL United Jet Airways (India) Air Pacific Olympic British Airways
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    QANTAS special offers, is it right?

    Last year returning on QF from London my partner and I had 4 seats between us all the way to Sydney, we had been wait listed for an upgrade but when this didn't come through on check in they promised to give us the extra room if at all possible, which they did.
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    list of IATA airport & airline codes plus humorous acron

    Another version of BOAC - Better On A Camel also 2 for Qanatas was told many years ago -Quite a nice trip and service -Queer and nasty too as suspected
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    Worried about USA Travel

    If your worried contact the US consulate and organise a visa before you leave
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    Should I join?

    My partner always doubted the worth of joining , but I instisted being lowly Bronze doesn't get you any perks but the points keep accumulating from the aoccasional trips to visit family and a few for work and now there's a healthy balance that will provide this years holiday
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    The Virgin Blue

    Yes a huge blunder, wonder if they'll try and blame Qantas for it