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    Narrowing of benefits between WP and 'lesser' elite levels

    Re: Building a stronger Qantas LOL this whole thread. I'm staggered/amazed people can get so worked up and emotional about such trivia as frequent flyer programme benefits/lack thereof! It's commercial air travel, not the health system!
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    Delays everywhere and it is not Friday evening

    The airlines are also still getting over yesterday's storms in Melbourne. Lots of aircraft/crew in the wrong places, and very full flights due big sports weekends in VIC/NSW. The aircraft/crew thing takes at least 2 days to wash through the system unfortunately.
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    Priority boarding on QF domestic - what is the story?

    I'm not sure if this has been stated before, but one of the problems QF has/will have with priority boarding is the huge numbers of people entitled to it on busy business flights. Won't make much difference if you have 100 platinums/golds all lining up at once! This is where DJ have the edge -...
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    A funny thing happened on the way home today...

    As ozbeachbabe said, you got the full QF credit because you were FIM'd (VS paid 50% of the FULL J QF fare) onto the QF flight. From then on, you were a commercial J class pax on QF, so got the points/status etc. If your (un)lucky enough for it to happen again, you'll get the points again. Having...
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    Stroller rules?

    QF usually (read almost always) let you take your stroller to the gate at the big airports with gate chutes (ie. not BNE apparently from the posting above) and just let the gate desk know you've got one. Help them help you by a) getting to the gate early, b) disassembling it yourself (they are...
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    How come so many QF seats blocked?

    They are reserved for higher-tier passengers. Platinum's and Chairman's lounges can see the lot.
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    Need help with Singapore Airlines

    Re: Business who value their customers Another non-existent problem posting. Always happens to people buying the cheapest low-rent stuff.
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    Why fly business? I don't see the value?

    Inane question that has an answer so obvious, it's complicated.
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    Who gets Priority? Staff op ups v FF op ups!

    There's a set number of 'upgradeable' J seats for commercial pax wanting to do points upgrades - it's not unlimited so as not to devalue the cabin for commercial paying J pax. In general, staff on duty travel will trump spare J seats regardless, as there's a bit more staff control over this...
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    Qantas: Making a complaint and being heard

    Only write complaint letters when you are clear on what sort of resolution you're looking for. If all you want is acknowledgement of the issues (which is what I'm gathering from your post), personally I'd save time and karma and just forget's too short.
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    Qantas PE upgrade to business

    Yes, for a heavily oversold flight to a Chairman's lounge and the odd platinum...not that uncommon. Extremely uncommon/non-existent lower tiers.
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    Poor Service-An Aussie Thing?

    \ I think you're spot on with this one. There's a guaranteed way to get shocking service in Australia: talk down at someone, or be unrealistic in what you're demanding. 'Jack's as good as his master' is ingrained here, as is pragmatism over savings face/bullsh*t. If you work with it, you'll...
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    The rights of the tall

    You have a right to education and clean water, you don't have a right to a comfortable airplane seat. Something tells me this dude has a beard lol.
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    "Qantas relaxed about Virgin revamp"

    I think you're right, airlines might over-estimate loyalty. There are number of subgroups in the loyalty system though: - High points, low status credits eg. people who get most of their points through shopping = not an interesting group to any airline. The airline bit is peripheral to them as...
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    People coming past the curtain to use the dunny, especially row-4 platinums.

    That is spot on mermaid. Most FFP's now separate out points (buy, earn) vs. status credits (fly) to differentiate the most valuable customers. High points balances don't form any part of customer recognition now. It's all about your tier ie. your status credits. Given the volume of people in the...
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    People coming past the curtain to use the dunny, especially row-4 platinums.

    This is absolutely correct. Airline profit is in platinums (or the equivalent at other airlines eg. Emerald oneworld) and these people are way and above the most important customers. They are typically your mid-level road warrior and consequently only get to travel in economy class. The...
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    ( Now gone) "how do I book a J any seat award at classic award points level" thread.

    re: ( Now gone) "how do I book a J any seat award at classic award points level" thread. Hi Julesmac. Here goes with some suggestions/answers: Note this is in next season (NS12). The only Qantas-all-the-way flights to London will be via Singapore, not Hong Kong or Bangkok anymore. No, zip...
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    Priority boarding on QF domestic - what is the story?

    The problem is the non-enforcement of the queue. Qantas don't push it hard, and pax consequently ignore the half-hearted request. To implement priority boarding, you need to be very firm to the point of cabin crew telling people out of order to go back and sit down in the gate lounge. It's...
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    Quick upgrade [Domestic - Instantaneous]

    I much prefer row 2. With long legs, the bulkhead in row 1 I find uncomfortable.
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    My Story with Singapore Airlines

    'Anxiety', 'excess luggage', and cancelling a long overseas trip because of one perceived rude interaction over 1.5kgs and cc'ing the ACCC? You're kidding me. The whole rant says more about the pax than about SQ. It's all so terribly third world, though these sorts of pax usually travel on other...