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    Using points to retain Platinum ...

    My Platinum status expires end March, and I've just about done enough flying to requalify for gold. Received a call form QF offering to extend platinum status for next 12 months for 100k points. Never heard of this offer, though they do say it's new. Anyone else had the offer made? Not sure...
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    QF / JQ transfer baggage question

    Hi, Have searched but can't seem to find an answer, so apologies if I've missed it somewhere ... Travelling MEL-SYD on QF, then SYD-DPS on JQ, both in business, on separate tickets / itineraries. Then same in reverse. Can I check baggage through to DPS in MEL and use air-side transfer in SYD, or...
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    In-seat power - BA First (old Seats)

    Hi Travelling in BA First on a 744 SYD-BKK in a week or so and have never traveled with a laptop before so have not taken any notice of in-seat power, and what adaptor, if any, I require. Can anyone assist please.
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    ?Laptop power in JQ Starclass?

    Can anyone please advise what the inseat power set-up is in Jetstar Star Class? Might want to watch my own movies on way to DPS. Thanks.
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    Upgrade chances?

    The $64m question, but here goes .... I am flying SYD-LHR in J on 9 Apr, am QF gold, and registered for an upgrade to F at T-60days approx .... Wondering is anyone, who perhaps knows loads on this flight, would care to speculate on my chances ... Thanks in advance...
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    Laptop power on QF A380

    Hi, Not sure if this is covered anywhere on here - if it is hopefully someone can point me.... travelling in J on QF A380 in a couple of weeks. This is the first time I'll want to use a laptop - Macbook - to work inflight, and am wondering what I need to power it via in-seat power. Do I need...
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    Upgrade chance - QF9 9 Dec

    I am travelling in J on QF9 MEL-SIN and 31 SIN-LHR on 9 Dec - Wondering if anyone with access to necessary information can give me an idea how busy flights are, and what chances of upgrade to F are. I am QF Gold and put requests in at 90 days out. Thanks in anticipation...
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    QF points upgrade question

    I am travelling MEL-LHR in J in December and have a choice of QF9 all the way, or 9 to SIN then 31 to LHR. I don't mind the extra time in SIN that transferring to 31 would involve, and am happier to arrive in LHR that little later. I am SG and I would like to use points to upgrade (hopefully) to...
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    Access to BA Arrivals in LHR T4

    Hi, Hope someone can offer an answer.... Partner and I are flying SYD-LHR on the weekend in the week on QF. Confirmed in W, and put an upgrade request in for J at 90 days out, though flights looks very busy, so not holding our breath on that one. Can we get access to arrivals lounge if a) we...
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    BA First ex-SYD

    I am flying BA First SYD-LHR in 18 Dec, and, having not used the new first lounge, am wondering if, as a BA passenger, I have full use of the facilities ie Spa etc? What can I expect? I am flying Mel-SYD, then have about 3 hours in the lounge. Thanks heaps.