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    Using points to retain Platinum ...

    I have called QF FF service centre and checked it out - it is a genuine offer ... still to make a decision as to taking it up or not.
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    Using points to retain Platinum ...

    I will have 620 credits by end of status year, so well short of 1200. I've been Plat for 6 years and earned the required credits every year - never been comped. I was initially quite sceptical of the call, and seeing as no-one else seems to have heard of the offer I'll certainly call the premium...
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    Using points to retain Platinum ...

    My Platinum status expires end March, and I've just about done enough flying to requalify for gold. Received a call form QF offering to extend platinum status for next 12 months for 100k points. Never heard of this offer, though they do say it's new. Anyone else had the offer made? Not sure...
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    HKG new lounge open

    Visited the lounge twice in last 10 days on way to from LHR, and found it to be crowded, noisy, with not great food - either choice or taste! The Yum Cha trolley only ventured out of the kitchen once, and only then serviced about a dozen passengers before disappearing again and not returning...
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    QF / JQ transfer baggage question

    Hi, Have searched but can't seem to find an answer, so apologies if I've missed it somewhere ... Travelling MEL-SYD on QF, then SYD-DPS on JQ, both in business, on separate tickets / itineraries. Then same in reverse. Can I check baggage through to DPS in MEL and use air-side transfer in SYD, or...
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    Flight Availability/Loadings & Upgrade Probability Help Desk

    Re: International Upgrades - Improved Experience Thank you -appreciated. Here's hoping ....
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    Flight Availability/Loadings & Upgrade Probability Help Desk

    Re: International Upgrades - Improved Experience Slight off topic, but perhaps someone would be kind enough to help - Partner and I booked on QF93 MEL-LAX 7 Feb in J and have point upgrade request in to F - Both gold members. Anyone know what our chances would be of upgrade coming through...
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    Best economy seats on QF 747 (and which 747 variant will QF fly to DFW)

    Just snagged 2 points seats in J rtn SYD-DFW, and luckily got seats in F cabin, so set for a great holiday in the southern states...
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    In-seat power - BA First (old Seats)

    Hi Travelling in BA First on a 744 SYD-BKK in a week or so and have never traveled with a laptop before so have not taken any notice of in-seat power, and what adaptor, if any, I require. Can anyone assist please.
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    ?Laptop power in JQ Starclass?

    Thanks for the very helpful replies. Cheers.
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    ?Laptop power in JQ Starclass?

    Can anyone please advise what the inseat power set-up is in Jetstar Star Class? Might want to watch my own movies on way to DPS. Thanks.
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    Upgrade chances?

    sorry - 31 via SIN
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    Upgrade chances?

    The $64m question, but here goes .... I am flying SYD-LHR in J on 9 Apr, am QF gold, and registered for an upgrade to F at T-60days approx .... Wondering is anyone, who perhaps knows loads on this flight, would care to speculate on my chances ... Thanks in advance...
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    Laptop power on QF A380

    Thank you for your prompt and helpful replies ... looking forward to the flight. Been allocated 16K which am pretty happy about. Hope it's a good seat.
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    Laptop power on QF A380

    Hi, Not sure if this is covered anywhere on here - if it is hopefully someone can point me.... travelling in J on QF A380 in a couple of weeks. This is the first time I'll want to use a laptop - Macbook - to work inflight, and am wondering what I need to power it via in-seat power. Do I need...
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    MEL-LHR chance of upgrade from y+

    I flew QF29 MEL-LHR about 4 weeks ago booked in Y+ and requested a points upgrade which didn't come through. I was allocated 26A, but at the airport the complete row 23 (bulkhead) was still free but blocked. I requested 23A, which had to be unblocked by a supervisor, and had 23A/B to myself...
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    Fly QF to London in J seats at PE price

    Same happened for me traveling up early August returning late August and in 26A.... No point in requesting a point upgrade to get a slightly better meal!
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    The Operational Upgrade Thread

    In May we were flying ur first trip on the A380 as QF31 SYD-LHR. We had booked in PE, and upgrade requests in for Business at the 90 day point, which didn't come through as the aircraft seemed completly full. Enjoyed the flight up to SIN, then as we passed throught the gate lounge in SIN about...
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    QF J Pricing, QF/BA Codeshare questions & Jul QF J Pricing Info

    Recently flew SYD-LHR return in J on BA metal with QF flight numbers, and received 2 bookings with difference booking references in my QF account, so it must be normal. I was able to log into BA's Manage my Booking and allocate seats. Hope this helps.
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    BA/Qantas international flight and online checkin

    Hi I did exactly the same routing/flights on 22 Dec. BA's online check-in would only let me check in and do seat selection (which I had already done) for the BA sector LHR-SIN. When I checked in with BA at LHR they checked my bags to MEL, but only issued me with a Boarding Pass for LHR-SIN. I...