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    Card Promotions What is the best credit card for Krisflyer credits ?

    I was on Virgin Velocity promo which was nice because I used some of that to fly SIA economy back from Asia, after using KF miles to fly biz to Asia. Now I'm with Suncorp: Suncorp Clear Options Platinum Credit Card: 130,000 Bonus Points after $3,000 Spend within 90 Days of Approval, $129...
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    Qantas passengers forced to sleep on floor of DFW

    What a nightmare. In the future, Amazon deliveries will be so fast and ubiquitous, passengers might as well go online and order an inflatable sleeping pad, sleeping bag, and pillow and get it delivered to the terminal.
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    Qantas Delays/Cancellations

    I just need to vent that I am pretty furious with JF and QF. I honestly have never flown Qantas much domestic or international. Jetstar cancelled my flight to CGK 23 hours before departure, I had exit row booked on a dreamliner MEL-SIN-CGK and I had to pay double to start my holiday with...
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    Travel Insurance that INCLUDES Covid related claims?

    Freely sent me a special covid 19 letter through live chat, they do it individually as per customer request
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    Card Promotions What is the best credit card for Krisflyer credits ?

    I'm just looking over offers again, as I hit my spend req. on St George and got my points. All the Citigroup linked programs like Suncorp, and NAB owns Citigroup now - anyway they all convert to KF at 3:1 which isn't great. Same with ANZ, 3:1 However Amplify points from Westpac/St George/BOM...
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    Travel Insurance that INCLUDES Covid related claims?

    I've got an 11 day trip to Indonesia and Thailand in a few weeks. I just got insurance because it's a requirement for Indonesia, and the credit cards don't have COVID-specific policies. Most for my 11 day trip were $100 AUD, Fastcover was $80 but then I found an app called freely (really just...
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    Airline & Country Mask Requirements

    I'm of the opinion masks are stupid because Omicron BA.2 is one of the most infectious diseases known to mankind. But airlines aren't going to stop food/drink service and we all know why. Another issue is valves/filters/vents on masks. So far USA has banned masks with valves/vents and I...
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    Card Promotions What is the best credit card for Krisflyer credits ?

    Ozbargain has some cards with current or expired deals to get a sense of what's on offer. St George Amplify rewards as mentioned. Open a transaction account, and drop $500 in there and make 5x payments in first month to get $40. Then in your account, go to credit card products and the Amplify...
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    GOOD NEWS! Krisflyer Miles to be extended until 2023 [previously April 2022]

    At this stage, I'll be taking the 10,800 point haircut to extend my 90k miles by six months from April 2022. I was considering an apple watch from the store because you could probably sell it for close to RRP here, but concerned with SIM slot incompatibility and customs.
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    GOOD NEWS! Krisflyer Miles to be extended until 2023 [previously April 2022]

    I've got my first batch of Krisflyer points that I earnt from my first AMEX card, expiring April 2022. Ironically, March 2022 people already have extension until September 2022. Please report back if you have called SIA to have a whinge about points expiring in 2022. I really don't want to...
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    Sign on bonus and zero % BT?

    I applied for CUA Brisbane Heat Platinum Credit Card to do my BT and seperate it from points cards as I don't want to lose interest free days. Get 25,000 points (about $100 of gift cards) if you spend $1500 in first 3 months. $0 annual fee for life 0% BT They do take 5-7 days to process your...
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    First CC to apply for Insurance - Brother going to India for 60 days - earns 40k p.a.

    As the title says, I am looking for a card for my brother is heading off to India for his first overseas trip. He needs decent medical insurance, the other stuff like stolen items and things like that don't matter so much, just want to make sure he is covered for emergency medical dramas...
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    Citibank Plus - No Fee No Overseas Transaction Fee Account

    I received an email an hour ago from Citibank and from a quick look, from what I understand, there is going to be a 2.5% transaction fee for all overseas ATM withdrawals from the beginning of March. Am I reading this correctly? Is our precious cards no longer free of fees? /sob
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    Travel insurance - amex Plat Charge Card supplementary cardholder

    I thought I would contribute what I have found to this thread. The first time I went away long term I got a 12 month travel insurance through Worldcare but was very disappointed when I stepped back in Australia and my policy was instantly invalidated. I got a pro rata refund that I put toward...
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    Cheap(er) options getting to/from BNE airport

    I am flying with PAL on the cheap J class flight to Manila tomorrow and trying to figure out how the hell to get the airport. I think this bus option will be even harder to navigate in a few weeks, especially with luggage: Route 369 changes from 22 July - Brisbane City Council Route 369...
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    Philippines Airlines Intro fares BNE-MNL

    I have used the 28 degrees in 30+ countries and they never block nothing. It is much more likely to be the PAL system as the system is so buggy it would not even take my Mabuhay membership number. Anyway, I just booked it, $438 in J OW. Really wish they would do a deal with Air NZ or another...
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    Philippines Airlines Intro fares BNE-MNL

    I am looking to book a flight BNE-MNL and PAL's web and customer service systems leave a lot to be desired. Firstly, I can accept that I will get an A320 seat which is only 5 inches extra seat pitch and 3 inches wider than economy. Except you won't find this info on their website. Mabuhay...
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    Scooting into SIN with Scoot

    Here is a little report: SIN-SYD 16th July 2012 Economy I had a trip planned to the Cebu, Philippines and as there are no direct flights, I was looking for a cheap flight via SIN/KUL/HKG and snagged a sale Jetstar fare to Singapore for about $200 which was a good deal. I was already a...
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    Maggots in Qantas Trail Mix

    Wow, if that happened to me and all they offered was $400, I would be beside myself. At the very minimum, as stated by another poster, a full refund and a big letter of apology. She will probably be bringing her own packed lunch for her next Qantas flight after that experience....... Although...