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    Diners Club abandoning New Zealand

    See Home DC cards will no longer be issued in NZ.
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    Is the Diners login down?

    I'm getting Servlet Exception errors when I try to log in. Is anyone else having this problem?
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    Online link to Amex not working

    The online link to Amex is not working.
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    Diners Club and Amazon

    Amazon Australia not accepting Diners Club. Amazon US does. The Australian card seems to be increasingly useless.
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    Is the Woolworths Online $10 off for $100 purchase ending in April?

    I have got an email saying the offer was continuing until April, but no word about whether it will continue after that. This offer was the main advantage of this card for me.
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    Woolworths Online transactions not being posted to Woolworths Rewards activity

    This has been reported but hasn't yet been fixed. Manual intervention was required to credit Woolworths Dollars.
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    Woolworths Money Everyday Platinum Visa Card

    With this new Visa card does one still get Everyday Rewards points (converted to Qantas Frequent Flyer points) in addition to Woolworths Money points when shopping at Woolworths?
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    Diners Club and Australia Post

    My local post office franchise has stopped accepting Diners Club. Has this happened to all Australia Post outlets?
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    Diners Club and Citibank Dining Program

    According to Diners Club Australia Diners Club business cardholders are now eligible for the Citibank Dining Program (free wine at selected restaurants). Can anyone confirm whether Diners Club personal cardholders also are eligible? The cards do have a 'Citi' logo.
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    Diners Club PIN changing

    Does Diners Club offer a facility for changing one's PIN?
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    DC Online still showing wrong categories

    It's been months since the new system was introduced and Woolworths charges are still showing as Travel, etc. Why doesn't Diners Club fix this?
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    Bonus points not being posted

    Does Diners Club generally post bonus points as they are obtained? I went to a restaurant on a Wednesday but no bonus points have been posted.
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    Diners Club closes Presidential Card program

    See Diners Privileges and Offers Program
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    Diners Club alliance with Presidential Card

    This seems to be unpublicised. Why haven't Diners Club members been informed? Has anyone taken advantage of this?
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    Citigroup sells North America Diners Club

    The US and Canada Diners Club franchise has been bought by Bank of Montréal. Can we hope that Citigroup will now sell the Australian franchise to a company that will invest to develop it?
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    Tax Deductions for Ansett Golden Wing Life Members

    Has anyone succeeded in getting a 'bad debt' tax deduction for loss of prepaid membership privileges or frequent flyer points?
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    Diners Club alliance with Master Card

    Does anyone have any idea what this will mean for Australian Diners Club cardholders? Diners Tries A Lifeline: Allies For Acceptance With MasterCard By Jay Boehmer APRIL 26, 2004 -- Following years of dwindling volume, declining marketshare and what sources described as internal...