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    Fly Well. New QF Covid procedures

    It is best to turn the a/c on full flow - How to Fly Safely: Dr. Sanjay Gupta's coronavirus podcast for May 28 "Another tip when you're on the plane. You know that little nozzle above your seat that regulates air? Turn that on. That's going to cause some turbulent airflow in front of you and...
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    Qantas closes all airport meeting rooms & some valet parking locations

    I've hosted and attended meetings in the rooms in BNE, SYD and MEL. I'm CBR based and the meetings were with people from everywhere. I thought they were pretty good.
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    Qantas Centenary

    ABC News story today on Qantas finding a 9 minute reel of film of their Empire flying boats from 1930s Never-before-released 1930s footage reveals iconic Qantas aircraft
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    What's your favourite 747 memory?

    my frst B747 flight was SYD - CNS on VH-OEB in 1998, just after the aircraft came to Qantas from Asiana Airlines. I used a Qantas Club Silver upgrade bonus (remember getting those?) to bump myself up to Business Class. My boarding pass was for seat 3K - in the first class section of the nose...
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    Getting back in the air - simulator prep by QF pilot

    He did a couple of videos with cartoon animation. First solo in RAAF PC-9: And a grain of truth warie: The ANZAC Day one is worth watching too - he flew a C-130 into Dili on Day 1 with INTERFET
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    Getting back in the air - simulator prep by QF pilot

    This video is by a QF B737 Captain and is about him preparing to regain flight currency in the simulator after being on furlough for a couple of months.
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    Photo ID check for QF DOM at LST check-in

    There's no luggage drop-off at LST or ther smaller airports. Still have to queue for the check-in counter.
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    Photo ID check for QF DOM at LST check-in

    This travel was for work but I wonder if they'd want to see photo ID for kids or teens flying? We don't take our daughter's passport domestically. I've not been asked for photo ID domestically for 20 years. That includes at regional airports including Armidale, Roma, Launceston (multiple times)...
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    Photo ID check for QF DOM at LST check-in

    Am now in the regional lounge at LST and just had to provide photo ID to check-in for the flights to MEL and then CBR. I handed over my QF WP card and was asked for my license. I asked if it was a new thing and was told "it is policy, it has always been". It wasn't a requirement on Monday in...
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    Qantas doesn't care about priority boarding

    Had my first flight today since the boarding process changed. Premium boarding was lovely for CBR - MEL. I thanked the CSM for how pleasant it was. Didn’t notice anyone trying to sneak on early.
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    JL flight booking problems

    Success! Sort-of. I've booked QF/JL CBR-MEL-NRT on 8/9 July, and return cough-NRT-MEL 16 July and MEL-CBR 19 July for $900 each. We got O class on the forward journey (so no preselected seating for that sector). It would have cost over $1000 each if we flew NRT-MEL-CBR on the return. Looking...
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    JL flight booking problems

    I hope this is the correct forum. I can see $799 return fare on ITA Matrix for CBR - NRT return next July with these flights: 8 July CBR-MEL QF815 1500/1610 9 July MEL-NRT JL774 0005/0905 16 July NRT-MEL JL773 1030/2155 19 July MEL-CBR QF814 0815/0920 (though would prefer MEL-CBR in the...
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    B738 'pickle fork' crack sees aircraft withdrawn

    Posts on PPRUNe suggest it's a two week repair job by experienced crews. It's also suggested there that the total stock of spare pickleforks is 25 pairs. Share price of the parts company is probably looking good! 737NGs have cracked 'pickle forks' after finding several in the jets. - PPRuNe Forums
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    Indigineous Tasting Plate in Qantas F....

    It was a dreadful (and repeated) mis-spelling in the WP email. #youhadonejob
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    PM to USA on what aircraft?

    The two BBJs are still with No. 34 Squadron (RAAF Fairbairn, Canberra). The aircraft are leased, not owned by the RAAF.
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    Above and beyond solution to delayed flight

    The people in front of me at checkin were also on delayed SYD flt, but could make their international connection. But only if their relative could get the hubby’s passport to the airport in time. He didn’t bring it! His wife was so cross.
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    Above and beyond solution to delayed flight

    Flt to SYD from OOL delayed, would miss ASP connection, and there’s only one flight per day. The flt to MEL would be too late to make that ASP flt, so Qantas have put me in a cab with a voucher to BNE to catch their flt to ASP. Gets in 90 mins late, but better than not at all! They opened the...
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    To Exchange Can anyone swap 2 ANZ Black passes for Qantas Lounge from now to November?

    Thanks heaps. I've now got one for Dad, but the donor is having trouble assigning one to Mum. Will let you know how it goes in a day or two.