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    Getting back in the air - simulator prep by QF pilot

    This video is by a QF B737 Captain and is about him preparing to regain flight currency in the simulator after being on furlough for a couple of months.
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    Photo ID check for QF DOM at LST check-in

    Am now in the regional lounge at LST and just had to provide photo ID to check-in for the flights to MEL and then CBR. I handed over my QF WP card and was asked for my license. I asked if it was a new thing and was told "it is policy, it has always been". It wasn't a requirement on Monday in...
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    JL flight booking problems

    I hope this is the correct forum. I can see $799 return fare on ITA Matrix for CBR - NRT return next July with these flights: 8 July CBR-MEL QF815 1500/1610 9 July MEL-NRT JL774 0005/0905 16 July NRT-MEL JL773 1030/2155 19 July MEL-CBR QF814 0815/0920 (though would prefer MEL-CBR in the...
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    Above and beyond solution to delayed flight

    Flt to SYD from OOL delayed, would miss ASP connection, and there’s only one flight per day. The flt to MEL would be too late to make that ASP flt, so Qantas have put me in a cab with a voucher to BNE to catch their flt to ASP. Gets in 90 mins late, but better than not at all! They opened the...
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    To Exchange Can anyone swap 2 ANZ Black passes for Qantas Lounge from now to November?

    I'm a QP WP so don't need the passes for me but Mum and Dad (in their 70s) are in Europe and I'd like to get two passes for them to go to the lounge at LHR before their trip home in July. I assigned them my passes for the forward trip in November (they flew in late April). I called the...