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    New 3 class 747 layout - QF7/8/15/16/107/108

    Flight out was 28th March. Very underwhelmed by the whole experience. One flight attendant was very condescending and I felt she had been in the job for far too long.
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    New 3 class 747 layout - QF7/8/15/16/107/108

    Just returned from a trip on QF15 Brisbane to LA. Was expecting the newer Mk 11 seats in business. I'm confused.... the plane was reconfigured, seat 4A in Zone A. However, these seats were the older non flat seats. Was is an "older reconfiguration"? Thanks for any info.
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    Qantas FF and Woolworths create new loyalty alliance

    A bit off topic, but had to share a funny scenario at Woolworths today. Picture an elderly gentleman in the express checkout lane. When asked "do you have a rewards card?" he said "eh?". This went back and forth a couple of times. He was very hard of hearing. Finally the checkout lady said...