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    QF First Lounge in Singapore

    About an hour lounge time. Having the F lounge now means no queue for the showers any more.
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    QF First Lounge in Singapore

    Went to the SIN F lounge on the 18th. Laksa was as good as ever and the service was also great.
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    Rewards night upgrade

    Thanks - I'll give that a try next time round.
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    Rewards night upgrade

    Same goes for me - stayed there plenty of times and have never had both club access and suite at the same time.
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    Qantas Cricket Safety video

    Just flew MEL to PER and they still had the cricket video unfortunately. Must be taking a while to filter through to all flights?
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    Can't login to QFF website

    Yes I'm having the same issue and also get an error when I try to manage any of my bookings. I'd say it's at their end.