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    American Express Business Explorer Credit Card - deposits to spend above credit limt

    Just had my Amex BUsiness Explorer declined. Called Amex and had an infuriating conversation with them. Situation = invoice from a supplier payable with credit card without fee - $78k; my Amex credit limit is $35k; I had supplier break the invoice into $35k+$35k+$8k Paid the first $35k and...
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    American Express Business Explorer® Credit Card Bonus - existing card holder - DJ Amex

    I need a business credit card. I want to apply for the American Express Business Explorer® Credit Card which has a current 100k bonus, but excludes current Amex issued card holders. I hold an Amex DJ. My research tells me Amex DJ is excluded from the current card holder exclusions. I just...
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    USA Amex plat access to va lounges

    Clearly va lounge access is explicitly listed as a benefit of the Amex plat au. But no mention on the USA Amex plat. Does USA Amex plat grant access to va lounges? (Would they even be able to tell the difference between a USA and aus cards)
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    Narky QF gate staff

    We were flying PER-MEL yesterday on QF10. Airport was very quiet as it was Easter Saturday. QC was closed we were welcomed in the business lounge in T4. As boarding neared there was nothing on the board and finally an announcement made that boarding for QF10 was delayed and to stay in the...
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    Orphaned soon to expire points in family account [Conga line?]

    Each of my family members have a QF FF account. My wife and daughter have 1600 points each soon to expire. But the min family transfer amount is 5000 points. Is it possible for me to transfer 5000 to each of them, and then transfer 6600 back to my account (which is the account we consolidate...
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    Parent (in J) and kids (in Y)on separate PNR

    Planning a trip MEL-PER and thinking that the mrs and I will use an AAdv J award and we will buy Y tix for the kids on the same flight. So how do I go about booking tickets for the kids on their PNR given we won't be on it but will be on the same flight? I don't want them to be regarded or...
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    booking AAdv awards on QF

    Trying to book MEL-SYD-JNB return U award using Aadv on QF. CHecked on QF for my dates - available. CHecked on - shows up as availble. When I go to select flights and book it comes back saying The flights you've selected are no longer available - asking me to select others but...
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    TBIT arrivals - Express or Kiosk?

    Flying QF 93 into LAX in J and connecting to LAX-DFW-SCL on AA. Assume J pax receive express passes for TBIT immigration? What should be my strategy to minimise time through immigration - express or use a Kiosk? I'm on an Aust passport used recently to enter USA and on the same ESTA since...
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    MEL-PER-MEL upgrade award

    SWMBO is going to PER soon. Would like to upgrade her to J. She is booked Q outbound and V inbound. Are these upgradeable as Classic Upgrade Awards? if not then how does one bid for an upgrade? And if I have the points can I request the upgrade for her or can one only use one's own points...
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    Amex Velocity Platinum

    Not sure whether this is the right place to post about this. Asked the question in the Lounge Help Desk but having no luck - anyone here with this card who knows the answer? TIA
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    EY Gold using VA lounges

    I'm a new EY Gold. Do VA lounges work similarly to QCs - ie you can checkin within the lounge? And thus you can enter the lounge with purely a member/elite card without a BP? Does this work with EY Gold card? And as for guests - i know I am allowed one guest. Are they strict in counting...
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    Possible points/miles generator at 0 cost.....?

    I found this accidentally. I have a account. I deposit money into by BPaying from my Citi Signature Visa. This (like other Bpays) looks like it earns points in CitiRewards. When the money hits my tatts account I typically use it. BUT the other day I had reason to withdraw some...
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    MEL QC - T5 opening soon?

    I have always felt I got good value out of my QC membership - not only for business travel, but also when taking the family on holidays, we would typically fly with JQ and thus have QC access. But now with T5 opening (is it this year?) it seems Jq is moving to T5 and there will be no QC when...
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    Cash equivalent gift card/instrument

    Is there a gift card or other instrument in australia which can: be bought using a credit card (with no or minimal eg 1% surcharge); and be converted back into cash or deposited into bank account for remaining balance (with no or minimal charge)?
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    QF28 seat advice in J

    booked (on an award) on QF28 SCL-SYD Currently looks like first two rows downstairs and upstairs are blocked - not sure why and for whom? If I called in (instead of doing online seat selection) would they give it to me? (QF Lifetime silver and AA MM Gld) If not, then seems my choice is...
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    MEL-KUL in J

    Thinking about redeeming some AAdv miles for J on MH. there are 2 flights MEl-KUL - A330s and 777s. Are the J seats the same on both? Seatguru says that there's a version of A330 that is recliner seats - is it safe to assume that version does not fly to MEL? Or should I avoid A333 metal in...
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    MEL-PER J upgrade

    going to be travelling MEL-PER. Is there a way to know/maximise the likelihood of the flights having skybeds instead of domestic J seats? To use points for upgrade is it just a matter of applying post booking and then if it doesn't clear asking for ODU? or is there a better strategy? Also...
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    MEL-SCL award

    looking to book award to SCL (and beyond in Sth America with LAN) in J. Kind of confused about what i am seeing on QF and LA sites for flights and award availability: QF27 is non stop SYD-SCL? QF321 is a code share on LA AKL-SCL? QF site shows avauilavility on QF321 (didn't think awards were...
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    SQ218 weirdness

    I have been taking SQ218 Mel-SIN to connect to SIN-MNL. Planning on another trip departing May 18 (00:0 as usual) but for some reason it's not showing (on SQ site)..... but if you look at SQ917 on the previous day (which I assume turns around as SQ218) it's scheduled and shows.... what's going...
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    MEL-SLC award

    I can see availability and booking on the Velocity site for a MEL-LAX - but not for the connection LAX-SLC on DL. Looks like I will need to call to make an award booking all the way to SLC and back. Will that incur a fee, and if so how much? Will the additional miles push the point cost of...