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  1. SCM

    VA2.0 International Partners

    Any word on when SQ codeshare will be good to go? I want to book some tickets for Feb, and wondering whether it's worthwhile waiting or book now.
  2. SCM

    How to book a Virgin partner to Russia? Any info on WHEN Qatar partnership commences?

    You can just book it directly from Etihad and Qatar, both are selling tickets through to Russia (as is Emirates and Turkish - but they are not VA partners), your status should work normally. It's unfortunate that SQ still does not fly there, but I suspect that will change soon.
  3. SCM

    Switch from Qantas to Virgin

    Switched, couldn't be happier. VA gold feels easier/cheaper to get, and I mostly fly internationally with SQ or QR so their recent partnership stuff is very good news for me.
  4. SCM

    Qantas Delays/Cancellations

    Apparently all Qantas flights are currently grounded waiting on the tarmac due to a computer problem Qantas is having. Maybe all other than the ones already in the air I guess.
  5. SCM

    Where have all the WORKERS gone?

    There is a confluence of many factors. I work in the tech industry, so my experience is from there, but also more broadly; - There are far less O/S students coming from China (by far the top consumer of AU education), because the government there has been literally saying AU is an unfriendly...
  6. SCM

    Is QANTAS still a safe airline?

    What difference does it make that it's an Australian airline, if heavy maintenance is outsourced to contractors in a different country, who have no incentive to give a damn? +1 and this is what people who work outside of engineering have a hard time grasping. You cannot have a situation where...
  7. SCM

    American Express Platinum cover when only paying taxes on award flight?

    I was actually gonna ask the exact same question, but about the Amex Explorer card. I read the PDS and it said the same thing, something like "or airline reward points", but it's super unclear what it means. Does it mean any airline loyalty program in the world? Or only the ones AMEX can...
  8. SCM

    How do you keep a note of what you want to do somewhere

    confluence (by atlassian). You can get a free plan for personal use, it's incredibly good for planning and organisation.
  9. SCM

    Virgin ‘New Era’ event Thur 19th. [*Postponed*]

    Lol just when you think that surely businesses won't use covid as an excuse for random BS anymore 🤣
  10. SCM

    Qantas brand badly tarnished

    Flight aggregators are often inaccurate and have outdated information. I am going by both airlines websites, and I would only book through the airline directly - I think we all saw the pitfalls of OTAs during covid. Ok, so if you can find me an example of where VA is more expensive on that...
  11. SCM

    Qantas brand badly tarnished

    I didn't say that for that specific route it was double, I said there are examples that I have seen (by searching), where the difference was doubles. You are doing a strawman here. In my example here, the difference is around $100, not $45. The difference is, you are unlikely to find a...
  12. SCM

    Qantas brand badly tarnished

    So what is your argument here exactly, people want to fly QF on the weekend but not VA? They are screwing over customers, pure and simple.
  13. SCM

    Qantas brand badly tarnished

    Not very random for me, 2-4 September, QF $278 total before fees, VA $198 (not the Lite fares). It has been every single time I book, QF is way more expensive, sometimes more than double. I think you can gauge based on even this board's sentiment that most people agree their tickets are...
  14. SCM

    Qantas brand badly tarnished

    Is that a joke m8, they were charging something like $400 on SYD-CBR until Rex stepped in. Have a look at the costs to go to any city like Townsville, Launceston, Brisbane - just some I've booked recently, Qantas was often double the price of Virgin (flying from SYD).
  15. SCM

    Qantas brand badly tarnished

    Per capita of what? Qantas is always screwing customers and overcharging. At least Virgin charges a fair amount of money for flights - look what Qantas does on any given route, let alone ones without any competition.
  16. SCM

    Virgin leads flight cancellation Ratios as domestic airlines struggle with staffing - Jul 4th to 10th 2022

    Isn't it funny that not long ago there was fear that automation, machines and AI would replace humans and lead to mass unemployment - but yet here we are...
  17. SCM

    Qantas brand badly tarnished

    These are just generic recommendations which put Qantas as a proxy for travel rebound - they have nothing to do with Qantas management or operations. Every airline would essentially have the same ratings. However I wouldn't be surprised if Qantas management was called into question soon. It's...
  18. SCM

    United Airlines new Virgin Australia / Velocity Partner

    Ah, thanks for that explanation, had no idea about "any seats for points" !
  19. SCM

    United Airlines new Virgin Australia / Velocity Partner

    What do you mean? There is business, its 903,400 points + $145.38 I think you are misreading about economy, let me reiterate from that screenshot. This is obviously for the very same flight; VA coded - 170,900 points + $145.38 UA coded - 44,800 points + $116.48 In both situations it is points...