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  1. SCM

    Claim for status credits from SQ codeshare flight?

    Hello I recently did a SYD -> MUC via SIN on SQ ticket. I got 3/4 flights SCs awarded within 2-3 days of each flight, however one of the 4 flights was actually operated lufthansa as a codeshare with an SQ code (SQ2202), and I didn't get anything for this one. I put in the request for missing...
  2. SCM

    What's going on with Qantas pricing?

    I need to use a $450 voucher before November, and I was hoping to book Japan, but check this out - I have never seen anywhere near such an expensive economy flight to Tokyo return. What is going on here? It's not even very soon, so I don't understand what the problem is, and it's a very...
  3. SCM

    SQ Sydney lounge opening hours?

    Hello I have an upcoming D flight with SQ in a month, and I noticed that their business lounge has some weird opening hours - in particular it's closed between 9am and 12pm Just wanted to double check if...
  4. SCM

    Hello + many questions

    Hello everyone. This is going to be a lengthy post with a lot of questions, I hope some of you can help me! Bit of context, I love flying & traveling, have generally traveled as budget as I can in the past just because I don't like wasting money (or more so I like getting very good value for my...