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  1. sanach

    Ayers Rock / Uluru - not open for Aussies??

    I went to Alice Springs & Uluru last August. A friend had taken a job as a tour guide there and she offered for me to be her “private client” and I paid the bills. Air fare for one Brisb/Alice return $680. We did 3 nights 4 days and drove from Alice to Uluru, Kings Canyon then back to Alice...
  2. sanach

    Free QFF membership

    Free QFF membership is being offered until 30 June 14. Probably to increase the membership before they flog it off. Anyway for new members only, saving $82.50 Unfortunately I'm not eligible to post a link, so if you Google QFF free membership, it should come appear first.
  3. sanach

    Got cancer? Pay a $3500 cancellation fee

    When my husband was diagnosed with cancer, I was able to cancel all flights and accommodation from very understanding individuals and companies. We had booked a series of domestic flights to do selection races for the Australian Triathlon team for age groupers. Both Virgin & Qantas gave full...