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  1. jaymcc

    Camping in the club

    I have a weird situation next week where I'm taking my daughter to the airport at 8am for her flight, and then I leave at 6pm on my flight. I'm flying MEL to BNE on QF and am a QF club member. My intention is to go the QF club at about 8:30am, work for the day in the club and then get on my...
  2. jaymcc

    Free Vietnam SIM card

    I have a SIM card for the Viettel network. It had 20gb on it, data only. I used about 5gb so still has heaps of data. Free to good home. I'm in KL as I write if you're here, otherwise will send local postage in Oz when I return.
  3. jaymcc

    Earning QFF points on an AA flight?

    I've been told by @qantas that I'll earn QFF points on a flight I booked recently as long as it's only of the following booking classes: OQ, GKLMNSV, HY - However I don't seem to be able to find that information on my booking anywhere. Any suggestions as to how I might find this information...