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  1. leemin

    Accor Plus Platinum Fast Track for Existing Platinum Members -> 20 Bonus Nights

    Ditto re the broken Fast Track sign-up button/link
  2. leemin

    Can't select seats on business class award flights

    Still having this issue @luxury-lizard? I also had the same problem (but for a domestic itinerary) on the weekend. However, it just magically resolved when I went back to check later. Presume it was some sort of temp website glitch... 🤷‍♂️
  3. leemin

    Invite only, Points Club Plus reward service

    For reference; furniture also comes in at the 0.73c per point value based on the quote I received to satisfy my curiosity.
  4. leemin

    RIP AA Award Program

    Re: RIP AA Award Progaram Have I missed something? Are you tongue-in-cheek referring to the redemption rate changes coming into effect, or has there been some other change impacting Australians' ability to redeem AA awards?
  5. leemin

    Has anyone else noticed government rate no longer available?

    Email one of the hotels. Occasionally they have issues with the system specifically relating to their Gov rate availability
  6. leemin

    Reward booking for someone else with my points

    No issue, although I did have to put a relationship so I wasn't charged an extra 5,000 point or so. Perhaps this has changed. But they're not exactly going to request a family tree in any case...
  7. leemin

    Velocity Platinum Lounge Access Jakarta

    No access in Jakarta according to this page:
  8. leemin

    Paying for family member flight and pooling

    dreamweaver2611, yes for the most part, but no for this bit: You will have to manually transfer the points as a family transfer. You can't transfer the SC. Family pooling only works while it is active (i.e. it's not retrospective). Summary: You can end up with the points for all 4 people, but...
  9. leemin

    Paying for family member flight and pooling

    Ditto the advice above. A few of my extended family members live at my house during certain times of the year...
  10. leemin

    HOTP WiFi issues

    Don't have issues with dropouts, but slow speed? Absolutely.
  11. leemin

    How do Hilton treat you as an Elite?

    Especially where HSW is concerned :/
  12. leemin

    Complimentary Accommodation Partner Membership - am I doing it wrong?

    My Nan's account was doing the same thing recently. It just came good one day and worked. Hopefully VFF can identify the problem.
  13. leemin

    $75 Business Class Fares!

    Yep, it's the customer that actually makes the 'offer' in the sales contract. The ad is simply Qantas' 'invitation to treat'.
  14. leemin

    Welcome Email From The Trafalgar

    Haha. I'll see you there! I'm booked 22nd-26th Sep.
  15. leemin

    VA Lounge Domestic T2 Sydney

    It's airside, passed security. Normal lounge options. Depends on what time of day you're there.
  16. leemin

    Welcome Email From The Trafalgar

    When does your stay start Fiona? I'm booked at The Trafalgar in September. No welcome like that at this point, but they did answer a query I had about room capacity very quickly.
  17. leemin

    Booked for my parents, same benefits?

    I'd be contacting the hotel directly. I don't see how they would be able to check-in to a booking under your name. Lots of people share surnames... As for the actual question: I doubt very much they will receive any of your benefits.
  18. leemin

    Virgin status upgrade...should I ask?

    That means VA has already looked into it and unfortunately you didn't get lucky. Possibly leg ups are more likely to happen when family pooling is not prevalent (i.e. you personally fly them a lot, but not quite enough). That is a wild assumption on my part though.
  19. leemin

    How do Hilton treat you as an Elite?

    Status: Diamond Property: HOTP Date: 6-9 May 13 Booked: King Hilton Guest Room Received: Relaxation Suite Rate: $155 (Gov't) No water or welcome card on first night. Water provided on subsequent nights (2 and 1 bottles respectively). Also had the 'complimentary wine and desert with main meal'...
  20. leemin

    New GM at HOTP - Brett Christ

    Well this week was the first time ever that I haven't received a GM welcome card at HOTP... :/ But the new Head Chef has certainly improved things in the restaurant.