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    Slow posting of Status Credits from Partners

    I raised a case for my AS flight (MEL-SYD-LAX-AUS-DFW-SYD-MEL) with the only segment not posting (LAX-AUS) being AS. After some prodding and being told to submit boarding passes, I politely explained that had I not flown that leg, that the remaining segments would have been cancelled. Manually...
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    OWE seat selection on AA

    Seems a little strange - when I last flew AA booked on a QF codeshare (on a 737) I was given bulkhead which I believe is sold as MCE. Short flight into DFW, but couldn't manually select any other seats. Perhaps the US-based TA we are forced to use isn't completely terrible?
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    Check-in to QF9 at SYD?

    I don’t recall that always being the case - I’ve on several occasions been taken down the elevator to board rather than trekked back down via the stairs (definitely on a 380 flight to Singapore pre-Covid).
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    Slow posting of Status Credits from Partners

    Any rough timeframe for AS? I flew both in April and whilst the AA came through within a couple of days, the AS flight is still nowhere to be seen.
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    Any tips or tricks to get an award flight from MEL-BKK-MEL

    From what others have mentioned, the time of upgrade request seems to no longer hold much weight in deciding upgrade priority (rather based on status and PCV/your spend on Qantas). As to splitting up the bookings into multiple PNR's and requesting each separately, it could certainly increase...
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    Qantas Dumps Economy Luggage in Darwin for London Flights

    Can't imagine this is going to help with recent call centre delays... Anyone onboard have their luggage offloaded? Not exactly a good look...
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    QF Upgrades - Successes or Failures (post results)

    One partial and one successful on my two most recent flights: 18/04 - QF11 SYD to LAX (380 refurb) - Y to Y+ confirmed about 12 hours out. Business cabin was completely full, but got the bulkhead in Y+ and a free seat next to me so certainly no complaints (although that said economy looked...
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    Boarding pass collection - LAX

    Thanking everyone here for the heads up - flying AUS-DFW-SYD-MEL and was told in Austin I’d need to visit the gate agent. Instead went direct to Flagship and explained my predicament, and it turns out Qantas have someone stationed here to process the DPD’s and sight documents. Relatively...
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    Qantas Pass and Travel Agents

    Turns out that even credits incurred by the TA themselves seem impossible to use... am forced to use TripActions for work and can't use a credit incurred from cancelling a domestic flight on an international journey. Agent I spoke to said this was a Qantas rule, but couldn't find anything in the...
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    Upgrading: does electing for Y+ reduce your chances of getting upgraded to J?

    My colleague and I (same flight, LAX-MEL, him in Y+ as SG and me in Y as WP) both requested an upgrade. Guess whose seat I got. ;)
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    Upgrading: does electing for Y+ reduce your chances of getting upgraded to J?

    My experience has been that Qantas processes upgrades in order of status, but executes them per-class, i.e. Y+ P1, Y+ WP, Y+ SG, then Y P1, Y P (P1's may be the exception here). If you don't elect for Y+ then you're more likely to stay in Y. Qantas like to maximise their points redemption...
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    Best way to book 2 QF J tickets on same flight MEL to LHR return, one points other paid==>Question

    The two browsers concurrently is a good tip, especially as a points redemption could exhaust the last allocated seats in that fare bucket pushing the cost up. Have seen this myself on domestic routes. :)
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    QFF Classic Upgrade Priority - T&Cs Changed

    First hand experience of this. A colleague (SG) in W, and I (WP) in Y both put in requests for LAX-MEL, myself ahead of him in February. He was upgraded to J, and then I was upgraded to his seat in W. Guess it is unusual in that most upgrades with other carriers are a single cabin only...
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    Global Qantas Double Status Credits Offer (Book 20-26 Feb 2020; Fly: 28 Feb 2020-14 Feb 2021)

    They only mentioned bookings through to the end of April, so could well be just converting all vouchered cancellations into (new) GV's, devoid of any DSC blessing.
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    QF Upgrades - Successes or Failures (post results)

    Success 1 x Y > J QF93 MEL-LAX on Mon 17 Feb as WP (T-30) Success 1 x Y > W QF94 LAX-MEL on Fri 21 Feb as WP (T-16) Interesting on the latter. A colleague on the same flight put in a request for W > J as SG which cleared. I assume that QF always try and maximise points yield and facilitate two...
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    Help: changing tight Sydney connection to Jo'burg

    I was proactively moved to an earlier flight in the lounge once checked in (connection to SFO in Sydney). Called to the desk in Melbourne and new boarding pass issued. No harm in asking, however Qantas (in my experience) are reasonably proactive in ensuring you make your flight. Just make sure...
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    Potential QF9 fuel stop in Singapore?

    Interesting how this will play out. Can't imagine being able to charge as much of a premium if no longer non-stop.
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    QF Upgrades - Successes or Failures (post results)

    Figured better late than never... Success 22/9 MEL-LAX Y > W (~24 hours out) Success 29/9 LAX-MEL Y > W (at the gate) Success 5/11 MEL-SIN W > J (~54 hours out) Success 8/11 SIN-MEL W > J (~24 hours out)
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    Qantas blocking [pre-auth] AND [separately] charging credit card for fare

    I’ve not seen this on either my Amex or Qantas Premier MasterCard (both of which send either push or email notifications for big amounts). Is your credit card saved in your profile? I always use 1Password to fill in my details rather than having Qantas store them.
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    What's your Qantas Chat experience?

    Spent an hour trying to make a change to the flight that couldn't be done online, only to be told an assistance fee would apply. Called up, resolved in 10 minutes with the assistance fee waived. Not bothering again.