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    1 hour transit time on international flights

    Above is my upcoming trip. Has anyone done above route? Is that doable given only 1 hour to find the next flight in HGN ? (Havent been to that airport before) Above booked as one booking via Singapore air
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    Qatar Avios on Qantas flight

    Is it worth crediting qantas flights points to Qatar Avios? Or is it substantially less than just crediting to Qantas points? I read an article from point hack before about this. But I can't find it I can't even find which class of economy I have booked
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    DJ amex card > Amex plat charge

    Hi guys I already have plat charge card. But, I also want to apply for DJ amex (black) card for supermarket and petrol station earnings. My understanding is that DJ amex will get me 3:1 MR points at supermarkets therefore getting 1.5 airline points per dollar. Is this right? So at least...
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    Status extension and status attainment

    Upon speaking to VA, I have status extension until Feb 2023. Now, they tell me my 12 month status cycle happens on the day I reach my 800 status points for VA plat. Is this right? So, if I attained my 800 status points and sector eligibility by Feb 2022, I will have VA Plat until feb 2023...
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    booking flights via amex travel and then cancelling

    I have recently booked Qantas flight via Amex Travel. Due to travel restrictions, I am now trying to cancel that booking and get on a earlier flight. Problem is, Amex travel doesnt open on weekends. Qantas app says "cancel via travel agent". Been on the phone for 3 hours with Qantas. This is...
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    Hilton Dining Asia Pacific still a thing? I cant even get into their website. Anyone know about this? Or is this just thing of the past?
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    Hilton dining benefit APAC - WebSite Down? Is this still a thing? I can't even connect to their website.
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    Swapping FF number on Qantas flights

    I am QFF bronze and One world emerald with other airline. For Qantas economy flight bookings, is there any benefit of adding one world emerald FF number and swap to QFF after? (e.g.. in the lounge?). Rather than just adding QFF number in it? I thought you would get a same benefit if you book...
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    tax deduction on credit card fee

    Is there anyway of getting two different statements for amex plat charge? eg. getting one statement for A/C card or supp card and statement use only for main card?
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    Fx fee waiver

    Has anyone successfully had Fx fee waived with plat charge?
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    Earned miles when flying combination of Qantas and Asiana

    Hi guys, few months ago. I have booked an economy ticket via flight centre as follows ICH - SIN (Asiana) - SIN - MEL (QANTAS) MEL - NRT (QANTAS) - ICH (Asiana) I've noticed that only the Qantas leg has miles earned. Despite having Asiana frequent membership as well. Asiana has been telling us...
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    Asiana airline cancels flight last minute!

    Hi guys, My mother inlaw is flying from ICH - SIN - MEL. ICH - SIN was suppose to be with Asiana. But they cancel the flight last minute. They put her in Singapore air but the seat is right at the end in the middle aisle. They said they cant do anything about it as flight is full. is she...
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    Upgrading "singapore air operated" flights booked via virgin website

    Upgrading "singapore air operated" economy ticket booked via virgin website - is this ticket upgradable to business in anyway? using krisflyer or velocity or even with cash?