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    Article: Last Chance to Redeem Velocity Points for Delta Flights

    I'm not sure about Delta J pax, but my partner flew Korean in J a few days ago and they were directed to the Pacific Plaza lounge. He said it was dismal and if not for colleagues, he'd have waited at the gate.
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    United Airlines new Virgin Australia / Velocity Partner

    We're booked on DL next month for the first time (awards). Friends that have flown both DL and UA have unanimously rated DL as their preferred airline between the 2 in economy. Separately to lounge access though, what you will have with UA over DL is priority boarding, additional baggage...
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    United Airlines new Virgin Australia / Velocity Partner

    Yes, they are. Ranging from 100k - 200k miles + taxes, depending on the class of travel. I can't see further info as I don't hold MileagePlus m'ship.
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    United Airlines new Virgin Australia / Velocity Partner

    I've been checking daily for about 2 weeks and even today can see PLENTY of rewards (economy) between MEL/SYD - LAX/SFO on UA with miles, but almost none through VA on the same dates/routes. :( We have existing rewards seats on DL, but would prefer UA to fly direct and with status. First...
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    Virgin Australia Business Class - Meals, Menus & Service

    VA329 MEL-BNE on Friday (lunch) was a chicken curry or a burrito bowl w/ the cheese & crackers as the snack - I mentioned my allergy to chilli and after the CM confirmed ingredients, I was offered a sandwich from the econ menu; the chicken caesar sandwich was definitely my preference in that...
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    Q fare cancellation advice

    I understand and do agree, but unfortunately, even my insurance doesn't help me in this situation as it is only in the case of immediate family members death.
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    Q fare cancellation advice

    Thank you <3
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    Q fare cancellation advice

    Sadly, no, I paid on my card for everything and it was not one that included travel insurance - I have since upgraded the card, but this will only assist future trips. I personally have a rolling annual cover as I travel DOM and INTL a lot, but the girls never travel at all and had not yet...
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    Q fare cancellation advice

    Thanks for your advice. Yes, I travel a lot (I have ongoing annual coverage) and knew the risks re travel insurance, but this is the girls first time going anywhere and none of us had ever expected something like this to happen - we just thought it would be good to have cover for medical...
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    Are the VA call centre staff now less helpful? Refused a Platinum benefit.

    It really does depend on who you get; I recently had to pay the $100 stopover fee to fly MEL/BNE the night before a BNE/LAX leg, as I've had issues with morning cxl/delays in DOM. Last time the agent was happy to accommodate my request, but this time I had to pay... He was rigid and reading...
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    Earning Velocity Points Flying from Sydney to Tokyo

    Book direct with SIA and it's definitely worth the extra hours if you need the SC's. I just booked my husband (we're both VA Platinum) MEL/SIN/HND/SIN/MEL in economy and it was 5hr longer over and 7hr longer to get back, but only $400 more overall than his friends that are flying direct from OOL...
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    Gold flying Delta while in the states

    I'm VA Platinum and recently booked several domestic legs in the U.S. on Delta for next month. I logged in again tonight to check something and noted that I'm now listed as their version of Platinum and can choose priority seats etc. If you look up Delta on the Velocity website you will see the...
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    Travelling SQ on VA Codeshare flight

    I always check availability on SIA and then phone them to request specific seats. Ask VA for both VA and SIA reference numbers once you have booked.
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    Flexi Saver on SQ

    Yes, I flew MEL/SIN/LHR + BCN/SIN/MEL last June and received full SC's. It was worth the extra $500 to receive double SC's for the journey! I've just booked my husband to fly to Japan this year for the same reason! He's also looking to retain Platinum, so it's worth the extra 5hr travelling...
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    Velocity Platinum Requesting Row 3 For Travelers On Separate Bookings

    I did it 3 weeks ago. Both my husband and I are VA Platinum & our friend was travelling with us on a separate booking (paid on my credit card 2 months later than our booking). I phoned up the same day as I booked for him (8 days before travel) and requested 3C to join us. We did the same for the...
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    Q fare cancellation advice

    My travel companion (on an upcoming USA trip) lost her partner this week in a car accident. I had purchased all of our fares on VA (Q fares on BNE/LAX/BNE routes) and then "Main cabin" (T?) fares on Delta for various domestic legs within the U.S. Her sister was also joining us (same fares)...
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    Select seat on Etihad flying as VA Platinum on VA ticket

    Oh I hope that is the case! I phoned EY today to request allocated seating (VA Platinum, booked via VA) to/from Europe and was told that the blocked seats aren't unlocked until 2hr before at the airport - I was able to choose the 'non blocked' seats, so I guess I will just have to make sure that...
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    Select seat on Etihad flying as VA Platinum on VA ticket

    How did you go with this in the end?