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    Overbooking on BA experince

    I experienced a similar situation last month on a BA flight from Newark to London but was happy with the outcome. No status on BA so couldn't allocate a seat in J for free until 24 hours before the flight. This was on an award booking for 2 passengers. For a few days before check in, I...
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    Problems QF Award Booking Engine

    For the last few days, each time I input a search for BNE - LAX or JFK for April 08, a blank screen is returned. SYD - BNE works fine. Is it just me or are others experiencing the same problem? ALso receive an error when I search through KVS Tool.
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    Connection SFO International to Domestic

    I'm flying Business Class into SFO from SYD in April and have an onward flight to JFK on AA with a connection time of 3.15 hours. I would really like to freshen up at SFO however there doesn't appear to be any shower facilities in the AA Lounge in Terminal 3. What are my options? Other posts...