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    Upgrading to business

    Hey guys, I booked Brisbane to London via Dubai in Economy (something I'm kinda regretting haha) as a QF coded flight. Logging into Emirates I've been able to "upgrade" the Dubai to London legs to their new PE offering, however Brisbane to Dubai does not offer this service. It also says "Since...
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    Changing flights books on double status promo

    Silly question (and i've tried google!) but if I change a flight by a day that was booked on the double status promo a few weeks ago, will I still get the double status? :) Thanks in advance :)
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    Changing QF/Emirates return flight with upgraded seats

    Hey Guys, I'm off to London for a week or so, having booked through Qantas, I then tweaked my booking on the emirates site to book and pay for some exit row seats. Now I've the dilemma of needing an extra day - but I can't see a way to change my flights on the Emirates website, however I can...
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    International First Lounge

    Hey guys, Flying business tonight (9:55pm) to LAX and very much looking forward to the first class lounge. How early are we able to access? Is it 2 or 3 hours these days? Or maybe longer? Staying 10 mins from the airport and our bags are already checked in from an earlier Brisbane flight...
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    RAT in BNE for USA flight from Sydney

    Hey Guys, I won't lie, kinda overwhelmed by a heap of stuff going on, and would really love some clarification. At present, I'm flying from SYD to LAX next Wednesday evening, starting in Brisbane Wednesday morning (the things you do to get on the Dreamliner) At present I've booked a histopath...
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    QF61/62 in May - what happened to my flight?!

    So I'm booked on QF61 on the 14th of May this year Brisbane to Haneda, returning on QF62 on the 22nd. Yesterday some mates were attempting to get on the same flight, yet qantas search results are not showing any direct flights from Brisbane to Haneda? I can still see my flight in my bookings...
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    LHR Arrivals Lounge

    Hey Guys, Quick questions. We're flying Business on QF9 from Perth into London late December arriving at the ungodly hour of 5am. We've heard we can use an arrivals lounge prior to then using the chauffeur service to our hotel. In short, 1. Which lounge do we have access to? 2. How busy it...
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    Chech in for QF2, How Longe before? (& Qantas Lounge London)

    Currently flying on QF2 from london to Brisbane via Singapore in Business (Potentially First as we've put in for the upgrade) and was wondering how early I can access the lounge? We're flying into London from Paris that day and I don't want to risk not making it in time, so will likely be...
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    QFF Points Calculator

    Hey Guys, Noob here. Trying to use the status/points calculator to work out how close to gold we'll get and i'm a bit confused by all the Business classes in the calculator. (There's discount business, business and Flexible Business) We've booked BNE - PER - LHR then LHR - SIN - BNE in...