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  1. AVV

    AFF Review: Rex Boeing 737 Economy Class (CBR-MEL)

    Strongly dissagree. Flying Rex is a pleasure. They will have a ff programme , but not much good if you do not use ZL.
  2. AVV

    AFF Review: Rex Boeing 737 Economy Class (CBR-MEL)

    I flew Rex same route last week was upgraded found them excellent. Yes planes a little tired. Staff attentive. I am QFFF and VA . Am losing it with QF . 3 times now cancelled our TYO flight. I use REX on their regional flights so I suppose am biased. As for steps at terminal 4 all budget...
  3. AVV

    Re classic rewards

    Sorry. I was a travel and airline person it is just the code when cancelling .
  4. AVV

    Re classic rewards

    Not understand how to make a post on a subject. Anyway after 2.hours with QFFF was told and guaranteed classic rewards can be used with XXL and changes from now to 30June 2023. Good if you have booked before original changes. If I am wrong then blame the info given yesterday.
  5. AVV

    Article: Airlines Slash Travel Agent Commissions

    I am glad no longer a T/Agent. Spent hours with clients. I was an excellant agent who lived on our IATA Commision. I gave service for free , rice paper itinerires . I knew all areas and even gate numbers of carriers. So many agents have no Idea. Was Told by a fellow agent in Chicago that they...
  6. AVV

    Article: Qantas & Virgin End Fee-Free Changes, Credits

    Same for me QFFF and res advised they had not been advised. Refered them to AFF . I booked to Japan but do not know if able to travel re Covid. I also beleive rules applicable when booked should apply. QF make the rules as they feel fit.
  7. AVV

    What is Qantas playing at?

    As previously posted. A Joyce must go .He does not care for his customers. In fact he blames them. Let him go and sort out EI problems. He is an arrogant person.
  8. AVV

    New Qantas reservations call centre in Manila

    I have no probs with MNL. Most are good and care. My problem is after also worked for an airline. We deserve Australian call centres. Last was told my flt was changed from Mel but only given a flt ex SYD. so booked JL. . I do not like A Joyce. .So many aussies lost jobs. Waited tonight 30 mins...
  9. AVV

    Qantas to allow free changes, cancellations to Classic Flight Reward bookings to 30 September 2022

    Does that include bookings nade before as I have a Class reward to Haneda that I do not know if I will be able to travel.
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    Article: Qantas & Virgin End Fee-Free Changes, Credits

    I think you will find that bookings made under the conditions prior to change would be possible
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    Article: Qantas & Virgin End Fee-Free Changes, Credits

    I think it only fair. Many took advantage. Fares are so low now stop wanting everything for nothing.
  12. AVV

    Article: Qantas “Enhances” Call Centre Experience at the Airport

    Hope I am right site / comment. Many have to contact QF re message telling one to. Sick of loyaty. I live on a Jetstar port. .Am happy as buy bundle with options when booking and receive QF ff points and as they have given many flights to JQ in SE ASIA. Only wait 5 mins to get to contact JQ. ...
  13. AVV

    Article: Spare a Thought for the Poor Qantas Contact Centre Staff

    I agree 100%. Even after several hours I tell them it is not your fault. "Relax. I generally tell them it is not their fault. Then make them feel happy as have been to most of their countries. I blame A Joyce and tell them so. All QF offices are closed. It is amazing he depends on loylaty. He...
  14. AVV

    Qantas Call Centre Long Wait Times

    Yes agree. MELTYO (HND) IS not a domestic flight .On hold as told VGML not available call QF. After 4 hours sent message via messenger within 1 hour got sorted out. Yes getting fed up with loyalty. Ask A Joce if he has to wait. No, he closes all offices and customer services. I cant understand...
  15. AVV

    Best way to contact SQ these days

    Thats nothing. Think yourself luck try QF. I know call messenger and get sense. Some of your members ask why do you need to call a call centre. When you have problems , cannot get specific meal requests. One hour is marvelous. Think you are lucky.
  16. AVV

    Qantas Call Centre Long Wait Times

    Yes and I expect 4 hours wait. A.Joyce just does not care . Time for a change with a person of experience. He just expects loyalty. I try to always be nice and understand. I now choose Jetstar when possible especially to S.E ASIA. I BUY THE MOST FLEXIBLE and get great service as JQ took over...
  17. AVV

    Qantas Call Centre Long Wait Times

    No.Ever since A Joyce took over its got worse. Agree with those cut off. Me once after 4 hours. Then found out use messenger and get a reply. Not any more. He just accepts the loyalty of pax. Jetstar are brilliant as many international and domestic routes were taken over by JQ. WHY DO WE PUT UP...
  18. AVV

    Alitalia to shut down on October 15

    Oh well,can no longer say as ex SQ and Varig staff member. AZ ' Always late in transit always late in arrival' ( get it) flew a few long haul to Europe snd within amazed at why Pax all clapped when landing. (omen?) one of first carriers to have pastel colours to keep you calm. Still always sad...
  19. AVV

    You know you are a former frequent flyer when...

    How can anyone with a brain forget. Just one of my bills pays for continuation. Why do FF think they are so special. As for the covid reward got mine in 4 days.