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    Qantas Delays/Cancellations

    It never got that far, I saw my rebooked flight and 5 minutes later I was chatting with my company's travel agent and she rebooked me straight away on SFO -> SYD -> MEL.
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    Qantas Delays/Cancellations

    I was meant to be on QF50 tonight. Qantas automatically rebooked me going SFO -> LAS -> LAX -> MEL and not departing until Friday. Got in touch with the travel agent and I'm now going SFO -> SYD -> MEL, departing tonight again, getting into MEL only 3 hours later than QF50 would have.
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    Annual fee [waived when 'threatening' to cancel?]

    Just cancelled my card after having it for 5 years. Offered me 2000 points to which I replied with asking for the fee to be waived. After waiting on the line, best they offered was a reduction to $89, alas card is now cancelled!