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    SFO routes dropped?

    Good question. With flights to Hong Kong, Tokyo and Shanghai etc yet to resume I simply assumed they did.
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    SFO routes dropped?

    They could make the distance from BNE on the A330s, it’s shorter than the trip they’re currently flying to LAX
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    Upgrading to business

    The BNE to DXB leg might be problematic even if your date type allows upgrades. J seats look sold out for many days over the next month with demand seemingly now exceeding capacity
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    SFO routes dropped?

    I wonder if Brisbane may be the first to see QF metal flying to SFO. There appears to be two issues here: 1. A lack of 787s which are needed from Sydney & Melbourne to make the trip to SFO 2. Competition from United who have flights for sale and will be taking away potential cash fares...