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  1. MJHoops

    Do I cancel last leg of classic reward booking?

    Ok, so due to a schedule change we now have a superfluous SYD-MEL flight in J on a ticket booked using reward points (see screenshot of MMB) What do I get back if I cancel it - just some taxes and charges? It looks like I might be able to do that online instead of via call centre as per...
  2. MJHoops

    Business classic reward to New York return (side trip to Martha’s Vineyard)

    Journey is underway In The House lounge at MEL
  3. MJHoops

    How to fix Qantas classic reward after partner airline schedule change

    Since 14 June 2022 I have been trying to get Qantas to ticket me on alternative flights due to a schedule change by Japan Airlines. Today, 8 July 2022, I got my e-ticket. I am still waiting on my wife’s (we booked separately as she was a chance to cancel her booking). This was a classic reward...
  4. MJHoops

    Virgin iropps in our favour

    Today flying TSV-MEL on virgin via BNE Overnight got an email pushing back the TL operated TSV-BNE leg by 3 hours leaving a 15 min connection Slight panic, but saw a direct had been added as VA9530 leaving only 45 mins before our original flight Turns out it was added due to a cancelled flight...
  5. MJHoops

    Two year old & Gillon McLachlan in J, MEL-BNE-TSV

    School holidays so off to magnetic island on 30 June 2022 As a WP on VFF, I called up on the day they announced the free platinum upgrades from any economy fare were being extended to 30 June and got 4 upgrades for me, wifey and 5YO and 2YO kids. My mum is with us but has to travel in economy...