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    BYO Eye Mask and Ear Plugs in SQ Business ?

    Yes, noise cancelling headphones were available in J. Waiting at the seat (in a nook) in a small clear plastic cover and with 'hygienic' thin ear pad covers - which I didn't actually use.
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    BYO Eye Mask and Ear Plugs in SQ Business ?

    Flights were on 22nd July FCO-SIN followed by connection to MEL 23rd July (2022)
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    BYO Eye Mask and Ear Plugs in SQ Business ?

    Recently flew FCO-SIN-MEL with SQ in J and was more than a little disappointed not to be offered an amenity kit of any description - especially as the first sector was 12 hours overnight. Retrospectively, I've read the Penhaligon’s amenity kit is 'on request' and fair enough if they're looking...
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    Rewards seats changed from QR to QF without approval and from J to Y

    Hi Jeff, Sorry to hear that. Have just been through almost identical problem except ex-MEL. Just given up, accepted refund and booked a commercial fare in Y as my family are on same flights on separate booking and I want to be on same CX flight. New booking cost approx. $600 more then it would...
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    Full Refund for Classic Reward seats .. or Not?

    So, I thought I knew the difference between Classic Reward seats and Points Plus Pay seats. One is great value, the other is not. We recently booked return flights from Vic to WA with QF. Classic Reward seats, usual points, usually taxes. Statement said "CLASSIC FLIGHT REWARD" However...
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    AFF on Air Discussion thread

    Hi Matt, Firstly, I'd like to say the podcasts are great. I've never really listened to podcasts before but it's a great improvement on scrolling through at a small screen on the way home! My question is around some of the terms used by airlines when booking flights. I've recently booked...
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    Velocity Platinum to Europe - SQ or EY

    As a VA household and UK expat, this is full of great info. Thank you. We are annual UK travellers with typical route MEL-SIN independently then SIN-MAN-MEL with EY. One consideration not fully mentioned as yet is the status credits. We are VA due to status credit pooling. HRH maintains...
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    ANZ Cancelling or Suspending Points

    Been through the ANZ complaints process myself recently. Not quite the same scale but did manage a positive outcome. After opening a new Black QF card, they failed to deliver the bonus points. Four months of excuses later, the finally explained that my "Breakfree" package (and associated fee...