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    Ask The Pilot

    It's STOL and load performance with a PT6 re-engine getting into remote tight spot, PNG in particular, would surely have been a consideration in lieu of Spartan. I did't know the condition of the the remaining airframes but In this taxpayer's mind commonality with the C130 has detracted from a...
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    Ask The Pilot

    So you haven’t read the 700 pages? It’s not unusual.
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    Dining Brisbane CBD

    Go for the walk. Mild day of 24C forecast. Get onto Creek St. and walk down hill until you can't go any further. Walk when the man goes green at intersections.
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    Dining Brisbane CBD

    Head down to Eagle Street Pier on the River front. Great selection of pretty good food available. George's Paragon is reasonably priced for Seafood. Plenty of option in Town.
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    Finnair Fiasco

    They don't count on people like you Sandy. Keep going with the tenacity and please update us.
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    QFF site down?

    Yep same. Not good for T80 changes.
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    Rebooked on JQ - experiences?

    I’d be surprised if you didn’t also get the DSCs as well. Wait a while and see what happens. By the reading you have every right to them.
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    QF Dom-Int Transfer BNE

    Re: BNE D-I connection Free transfer bus that leaves regularly. 15 minutes max. No sweat at all compared to SYD.
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    Fee waived for over the phone bookings success and failure.

    December last year. Needed to change a flight for medical reasons and tried to make the change on-line and wasn't able to. Rang to ask why and was advised that this wasn't possible as there had already been two changes to the flight. I hadn't made any previous changes so called BS. Turns out...
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    Changes to QF Loyalty Bonus (now includes status credits)

    Each person's situation will be unique. Future travel, Loyalty Bonus accrual timing and personal choice, amongst other things, will dictate what is the best option (SCs or points). If you have a LB option coming up close to the end of your membership year think about what will be best for you...
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    Changes to QF Loyalty Bonus (now includes status credits)

    Yes, your incorrect opinion only. Creating confusion where it shouldn't be.
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    Changes to QF Loyalty Bonus (now includes status credits)

    I would suggest that those that have the opinion that the SCs will be applied to the membership year in which the points were accrued are incorrect. It's an opinion only, with no evidence to back it. For the benefit of others following I would not post this opinion again. As further evidence...
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    Qantas to open Premium Lounge Entry at BNE

    In the domestic J Lounge at the moment and staff have advised that construction is on track to be opened as advised in March. They have handled the interim arrangements pretty well in my opinion. Looking forward to the new check-in and lounge.
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    QFF points for Airbnb booking

    For the record I have had Airbnb booking points credited for 11th,18th and 25th of October on 9th December.
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    Qantas Platinum FF membership card as a boarding pass?

    I get around the airport quite efficiently thanks.
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    Qantas Platinum FF membership card as a boarding pass?

    Because I've been the victim of printer malfunction and paper outage on several occasions. You wait off to the side of the gate while everyone else boards until a staff member prints a full boarding pass for you at a service desk and brings it back to the gate.
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    Famous people seen (or even met) whilst flying or lounging

    Eating a mild chickpea curry with a faint hint of lamb no doubt.
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    Qantas Platinum FF membership card as a boarding pass?

    No prob unless the printer chucks a wobbly or runs out of f'n paper at the gate. Your well organised day goes out the door. Checking a bag, then always ask for a printed boarding pass.
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    Brisbane Business Lounge eligibilty

    How most of these people err on the side of poor service rather than promoting good will towards their business confuses me. What are they seeking to protect? Particularly when they eventually educate themselves and find out that they were wrong. The business, employee and customer all lose...
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    Brisbane Business Lounge eligibilty

    Mate, I'm in here right now until boarding at 13:50. I'll guest you if it's not too late. Edit. Just read your follow-up post about their change of mind. You did what I would have. Enjoy your trip.