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  1. WWTFC

    Qantas - Big Tick

    With the disruptions and ever changing world situation having to cancel trip to Portugal, England and Scotland planned for June & July 2020 I have to say hats off to Qantas. They have been terrific re airfares and the hotels booked thru Qantas Hotels. Have used email service and 'live chat'...
  2. WWTFC

    Travel Insurance query

    In 2020 we will be doing 2 trips o/seas. Jan/February - Adelaide - Auckland - B/Aires - Antarctica Cruise - Adelaide. 30 days June/ July Adelaide - Portugal - UK - Adelaide 45 days. Should Mrs D and I get a one year multi-trip travel insurance given likely to be a couple of domestic, or get 2...
  3. WWTFC

    Adelaide to South America

    Which carrier would anyone recommend? We need to be in Buenos Aires by Feb 1 2020 to pick up tour to Antarctica. We return to B/Aires on Feb 17th. We are looking to also visit Montevideo, Rio and the Iguazu falls either on arrival or after Antarctica. From Adelaide do we say go to Singapore or...
  4. WWTFC

    Passport Renewal query

    Our first ever passports expire in November this year. We don't expect to need a passport until January 2020. (Saving for trip to Antarctica). Should we renew now or let lapse and apply again about this time next year? Thanks in anticipation Col D
  5. WWTFC

    Qantas standards slipping or just bad luck?

    Sunday QF 665 Brisbane to Adelaide. Loaded early. Left right on time 6.10pm good start. Then downhill. No headphones offered at gate nor at anytime on board. TV screens worked but no effort to allow us to hear. (Dont have tablet etc.) 2 and half hour trip. Never offered a tea or coffee. No...
  6. WWTFC

    Emirates cabin carry on

    As emirates says only one carry-on weight 7kg can you still have a small personal item with you for under seat etc. A small tote bag/ carry bag? Travelling cattle Adel to Heathrow - short transit stop in Dubai. If allowed at start of journey will transit stop stuff up? Coming home Glasgow Dubai...
  7. WWTFC

    Emirates booking seats charges and FF points

    Now that Emirates charge up to $90 to prebook seat for certain codes - it will cost Mrs D and me an extra $360 to do so for trip to Europe later this year or we wait til 48hrs before flight to do for free on line. Leaving from Adelaide not QF codeshare but on an emirates ticket. We have Qantas...
  8. WWTFC

    Our recent trip to Africa – On Safari Part 2 – Airline ratings!

    Although on a SAA ticket codeshare on Virgin to Perth (economy). Left Adelaide at 5:30pm SAtime. SA excluded from full service provisions on trip to Perth. Over a 3 hour flight with just a very small “snack” at this time of day totally unacceptable – flight itself very comfortable and staff...
  9. WWTFC

    Our recent trip to Africa – On Safari

    Can’t recommend highly enough the trip we have just done to Zambia and Tanzania. Whilst expensive in total was value for money. What we got and saw was just amazing. The people were fantastic. The arrangements all went like clockwork. Food, drinks etc. all included. Check out Robin Pope Safaris...
  10. WWTFC

    Access to lounge in Paris [Flying MH - QP NB]

    Flying with Malaysian in 2014 to Europe - direct from Adelaide - for Mrs D and me $300 cheaper than Qantas/Emirates (economy). Flying home from Paris. As a Qantas FF and a Qantas club member can i access any lounges at Charles De Gaulle? Thanks in advance Col D
  11. WWTFC

    Reward schemes and using points

    Having been helped before I look forward to your ideas/answers again. My wife and I have 315,000 Qantas FF points between us. Mostly from AMEX and Woolies cards and a few o/seas and domestic flights - been Qantas & thus One world loyal. We are looking to go o/seas in 2014 to Europe - any ideas...
  12. WWTFC

    Booking various legs in different classes

    As there is no premium economy from Adelaide (Cathay soon) how do you book on line at Qantas for say Adelaide to Singapore which can be business or economy then Singapore to Europe which can be all 4 classes? We can cope with cattle for 7 or so hours on day flight to Singapore from Adelaide but...
  13. WWTFC

    Qantas Club renewal query

    As an individual Qantas club member renewal is $470 for 1 year $800+ for 2 years and $1600 for 4 years. If I upgrade AFF to gold what would i actually pay with the AFF discount? Thanks Col D
  14. WWTFC

    Frequent Flyer vs Loyalty

    After considering the new enhancements and the points of view in that amazing thread plus my own circumstances I reckon the changes are to make the program more FF than loyalty. Red Roo has stated there are over 7.8million FF members. Most I suspect are like me - collecting points via...
  15. WWTFC

    Pats on the Back to Qantas

    We returned to Adelaide on Friday morning after leaving Stockholm on Wednesday afternoon after 6 weeks away. All Qantas planes were great. Crews made it very pleasant and food was good (economy all the way). All connections were fine, everything ran to time. (Thank you also to all AFF who...
  16. WWTFC

    Trip starts Sunday - thoughts on times etc.

    First thank you to those who answer queries on here – much appreciated. We leave on our trip on Sunday – flights as follows: 23/5 QF 680 Adel – Melb arrive at 12:25 QF 9 Melb – Singapore depart 3:30pm 25/5 QF 9 Sing – Heathrow arrive at 5:25am 26/5 26/5 QF 3573 – Heathrow – Nice depart...
  17. WWTFC

    Happy with Woolies, Qantas and Amex

    We have only been involved with the above for 6 months. Got our woolies card - they signed us up to QFF - we've been collecting points at Woolies and BWS ever since. No hassle convenient and we buy what we would have anyway. Qantas have kept our accounts up to date and given us all our points...
  18. WWTFC

    Transit time query

    In May we will be arriving at Heathrow at 5:25am and transiting through to Nice leaving at 7:50am. Arriving on Qantas from Singapore on British to Nice. Given the heightened security at the moment will this be enough time. Only our second o/seas trip so uncertain as to arrangements -...
  19. WWTFC

    query re value and use

    My first post - have been recommended to Amex platinum with the free flight and 5000 points on first use. Concern is about being able to use Amex everywhere - do places like Woolies and Coles take for everyday type stuff?Can you use the card often or is it too selective with merchants? thanks...