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    Melbourne MH lounge access

    Hi all, I've an upcoming MH128 flight departing 1130pm and was wondering which lounge is accessible at that hour as a QF SG? I understand the Qantas lounge closes after QF93 930p departure? Marhaba looks to be open but not for guests traveling on MH? Thanks
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    QF multi-city SCs

    Hi all, attempting a MEL - LHR - JFK - LAX - MEL trip in J later this year. Grateful for your help: How do I calculate SCs for this, in particular the London - New York leg on QF J ticket? What's the best way of maximising SCs? I can justify a more creative routing if the total costs amount to...
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    App check-in vs holding out for better

    Hi all! Gold here and I booked a Guest Room+ at Hilton Sydney for a 2-night stay tomorrow. My app allows me to check into an Exec room now. I'll only arrive at 9pm tomorrow - what do you think my chances are for a desk upgrade to something better than Exec if I don't use the check-in app? I've...
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    AA dom upgrade for non-AAdvantage member

    Morning all, I'm looking to upgrade an upcoming AA ORD-LAX revenue flight in June booked in economy. I can't find a cash upgrade option under 'manage my booking' on the AA website. Is my best course of action to request for that at the airport; do they email these offers in advance? Also, how...
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    QF separate PNRs: bags check-in, T-80 rule

    Hi all, grateful for your advice again! I booked the following same-day QF flights: PNR 1: MEL-SYD (6.30am departure) PNR 2: SYD-MEL (5pm) + MEL-LAX (9.40pm) 1. Will I be able to check my bags through to LAX: 1) in Melbourne before my MEL-SYD flight; or 2) in Sydney at 8am-ish after I land...
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    QFF Gold vs Finnair+ Gold

    Hi all, I'm after your sage advice on how best to attain Gold status with either airline. I've two upcoming business flights to Europe (April) and US (June), with a couple of domestic MEL-SYD economy flights for the remainder of the year. My company is rather restrictive on flights and based on...
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    Japan planning and SQ biz questions

    Hi all, I’m assisting my sister in planning a two-week Japan honeymoon (ex-MEL) July this year using QFF and VA points. She’s thinking an outbound flight in Qantas economy (terrible value I know but QFF points are low and at least it’ll be a direct flight) and the inbound in SQ biz (barely...