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    virgin credit card ripping off its australian customers

    Virgin credit card are offering UK customers 0% balance transfer but Aust customers must pay 6% or more. Are they treating us as fools!
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    altitude increases reward points reqd retrospectively

    I have been advised that Westpac have increased the number of points required for voucher redemption from 12500 per $100 to 15000 per $100 retrospectively from 1st Oct . Was this the stunt that got NAB in trouble for a few months ago?
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    How to spend enough to qualify for free insurance

    I am travelling to Europe soon on FF points. In order to qualify for my ANZ Card free OS travel insurance I must spend at least $250 on either Pre booked transport costs or Tours, hire cars or accommodation. I am using a friends car and have no planned itinery. Does anyone have an idea what I...
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    QANTAS special offers, is it right?

    I recently used 110,000 QFF points to book a flight overseas. The next day Qantas started a special offer for the same desto at 88,000 points, same period etc. I rang Qantas, the only way I can take advantage of the offer is to cancel my 110,000 booking, pay the 5000 point penalty wait 4 weeks...
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    Cash Advances from Credit Cards

    I need help from you clever informed souls with this matter. Even though I rarely do it I have a need in future to obtain a $25,000 cash advance from a branch of a major bank. The cheapest credit card for this type of transaction seems to be a Westpac card. Westpac charge a Cash advance...
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    Properly Structured Closing of an ANZ Telstra Visa Card

    In protest to the ANZ reward points windback I am closing my ANZ Telstra Card. My next annual fee is due 26th April. ANZ advise me that reward points balances are up to 8 weeks behind real time but I have 2 months after I close the card to redeem rewards. I must cancel the card prior to...
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    Jetstar accepts QFF points

    Yes, but is it same points as required for qantas flights? Is Jetstar flying the same routes as Qantas? If so are they the same aircraft? For example internet shows QF 1614 departing Sydney t
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    Westpac Altitude and the new Westpac Amex card

    I am a Westpac Gold Altitude customer. I was just about to cancel my Card in response to the $125 annual fee and the treatment with my lost Ansett points. I have been a Westpac card holder since 1972/3 and as a compliment to Westpac have never had to pay a fee or interest in all that time...
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    Best way to get from Sydney to Frankfurt

    I plan on flying to Germany from Sydney in May next year. I have enough reward points to convert to Qantas ff, Air Nz, Emarites etc points or would I be better paying for the flight?
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    Purchasing Foreign Currency

    Where is the best place to purchase NZ notes in Sydney? My local bank wants to charge $8 and uses the bank spot sell notes rate. Is it cheaper at the airport? Who sells NZ cash at the airport?
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    ANZ Telstra Visa Rewards slowly deteriorates

    Has anyone else noticed that the number of rewards required to redeem a $50 Credit has gone up to 6600 points from 6250 points? That's now 0.75%, down from 0.80%. Note also that this is a 44 day free card not 55 like Commonwealth, Citibank and Amex. It may be that ANZ are happy to loose some...
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    Balance Transfers at 0%

    HSBC has sent me a form with an offer of transferring a balance of another banks card to my HSBC card at 0%. This is FREE money! Has anyone else had a similiar offer from another bank in the past? Or has anyone got a CURRENT similiar offer from another bank?