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  1. Elementalist

    Domestic J loads

    Hi, road warriors! :) Gathering some statistic for a uni case study and interested to compile stats about domestic J load factors, intra-day and day-of-the-week. So if you a regular flyer (or even an occasional one but have flown recently), could you please comment your observations regarding...
  2. Elementalist

    Price Promise web form - does it work for you?

    Trying to submit a price match. Price Promise | Qantas It used to work in the past, but now when I attach a screenshot the file does not appear to be attached so I am not certain if the webform attaches it. Tried in Chrome, IE10, Firefox. Does it appear to be working for you? :confused:
  3. Elementalist

    QF SC's on OW intra-EU

    Looking to top up my QF SC's balance to reach SG later this year, and since we need to fly / spend $$ intra-EU anyway on our trip, I have been looking for flights on OW-members. I will have a shortfall of about 70 SCs to get to SG. Not many choices really, BA, IB, AY and AB. :-| We will need to...
  4. Elementalist

    J sales to LHR, do they happen? any tips?

    Decided to book 2x J tickets for end July to LHR on QF, was looking at prices which where hovering just above $8K after Xmas. I thought it was the saver fare. Went to book yesterday only to realise the saver fare is now $9.2k per passenger. That's almost $2.5k more. Ouch! Admittedly it it was...