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  1. dxwell

    General Discussion/Q&A on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

    It is the reaction to the figure. Never before have we had a response from Australian governments that include: Closed international borders preventing Australian citizens returning home Closed state borders preventing personal movement for funerals, family care, FIFO worker returning home to...
  2. dxwell

    Vinomofo Wine Deals

    I’ve unsubscribed from all VM comms, I got sick of the florid descriptions for EVERY wine, some I bought that didn’t live up to the excessive praise. Might give it a break for a while.
  3. dxwell

    General Discussion/Q&A on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

    Super quiet at Woolies at 7:30 pm on Saturday night. Refillers busy with toot paper restocking
  4. dxwell

    Next double SC period?

    Wife got double SC offer, not me. she gets lots of offers that I never see
  5. dxwell

    Do they ever cancel flights that are really underbooked?

    @traceyy please let us know how many passengers ended up being on the plane.
  6. dxwell

    SQ Redemption not working IST-BNE

    Been trying to book a SQ redemption for IST-BNE J class for early January 2021. I hit the button at exactly 10am AEST 355 days out, but only see Advantage redemptions. I can see IST-SIN J Saver redemptions for the date, and then the next day I can see SIN-BNE J Save redemptions. Is this because...
  7. dxwell

    Mantra Amphora Palm Cove Suggestions

    Palm Cove is a delightfully small sleepy town on a palm fringed cove. The town centre is small but with good amenities. For me, staying at Palm Cove is about barefoot walks along the beach, coughtails by the pool (or in the pool), a good book or three, catching a band playing along the strip...
  8. dxwell

    Vinomofo Wine Deals

    Yep - just ordered some of this, great wine at this price.
  9. dxwell

    The view from my "office"

    Oh I do love a good gewurtztraminer - matched with the right food, it is a tremendous drop.
  10. dxwell

    What's your taxi experience lately?

    Well that is better than the 10% it used to be. The taxi industry needs major reform in cost, service, product quality. I haven't used one since ride sharing came in. Before that, I suffered frequently with terrible cab service.
  11. dxwell

    Double the Fun [Double Velocity SCs, Book by 24 Nov, Travel by 13 Oct 2020]

    @vetadam not sure I fully understand your question - flight routes are pretty much the same every weekend. You just need to find a route that delivers the needed SC. Best to use this tool to calculate the SC: Recommend that you post here...
  12. dxwell

    VA SQ alliance - what does it mean?

    Double and triple check with your agent that your status credits and miles are credited to VA. By default, they will be credited to Krisflyer (where they will be wasted if you're after status credits).
  13. dxwell

    What's your Uber experience?

    Had good recent experiences with Ola in Brisbane. Got a 50% off trips for first two weeks. Then a 30% off discount, plus 20% off for airport trips. In discussion with a driver who drives for Uber, Ola and Didi and with stats from Rideshare Drivers United: Company $per KM Taken by company $ per...
  14. dxwell

    The view from my "office"

    Gee, I am loving this thread. Thanks everyone for posting.
  15. dxwell

    Freedom Furniture and VFF are partners

    Certainly not a good idea to keep large points balances in VFF
  16. dxwell

    Freedom Furniture and VFF are partners

    I shopped at Freedom Furniture on Sunday and signed up. Zero cost.
  17. dxwell

    Dan Murphy's and Other Wine Deals

    Thanks everyone for the notification of the Cellarmasters deals - especially @chonka . Wow!!! I bought (in 3 transactions): Zontes Chocolate Shiraz 2016 Dandelion Pride Cab Sav 2016 Australian Pinot Pack That will boost the cellar somewhat. Issue is I didn't know when to stop ordering...
  18. dxwell

    Vinomofo Wine Deals

    Not sure I was at the very start, but I think I was an early adopter. Had some amazing wines for great prices. I think this was when they were mostly still dealing in distressed shipments. I noticed a significant change in Vinomofo style when Blue Sky Venture Capital put $25m in - and we all...
  19. dxwell

    Vinomofo Wine Deals

    I find that I just can't trust them anymore. There is so much hyperbole with each bottle. I'd much rather "this is a good quaffer for a Tuesday night. Halliday has done high usual over-rating and we would give it a 88. We think good value for $12." Regardless, any thoughts on: Cabernet Merlot...
  20. dxwell

    Virgin Australia Business Class - Meals, Menus & Service

    Wow @Denali the plating is super on those dishes. Bravo to the staff.