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    SYD T2 - Aeropelican to QFLink Transit

    Hi all, next week i have a trip NTL-SYD-CFS, with one leg on Aeropelican and the other on QFLink. I know both flights are in/out of T2, but does anyone know if you can transfer directly within the terminal, or do you have to go out through security to baggage claim and then back in upstairs...
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    Travelodge points

    Hi all, Has anyone had experience in receiving Velocity points from their stays at a Travelodge hotel? I had 2 stays back in november last year, and, despite the Velocity people saying they're following it up, the points havent arrived yet. Just wondering if its normal for the points to...
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    Getting QF PNR for AA reward flight

    Hi All, I have a flight to PER on QF coming up later in the year and i would like to use the QF online checkin to get a good seat. The ticket is an AA reward flight. To do the online checkin I need to get the QF PNR record locator for my flight. What's the best way to get the Amadeus PNR...
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    Transit in FRA

    Hi All, My parents are travelling to Europe in a few weeks. They're flying QF to Frankfurt, and then transferring across to an Alitalia flight to Rome. Apparently QF 5 arrives into "Terminal 2" and their AZ flight leaves from Terminal 1. Does anyone have any experience in transiting at...
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    Adding AA FF number to QF booking

    Hi all, I've booked a reward flight to NZ for my wife using 20K AA points. :D No FF numbers were entered into her booking. As she is also AA Plat, I wanted to add her AA number so that her boarding pass will show the status for lounge access, as our Plat cards havent arrived in the mail...
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    AA earning question

    Hi All, I'm a little confused about AA points earning on QF flights, and the table on is the main reason for my confusion :) Anyway, I have a cheap $79 O class trip SYD-BNE coming up and trying to decide whether to credit to AA or QF. As an AA Plat, will I earn: a) 500 base +...
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    Using QF Gold to access lounges when crediting to AA

    Hi All, My QF gold expires in a few months and i'm not likely to make the 600 SCs, so I'm taking an AA plat challenge to keep the lounge access for the rest of the year. When I'm taking the plat challenge, i'll obviously be crediting to AA, so my boarding pass will show no status rather...
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    New QF Amex

    Hi All, Saw this link this morning on the Herald Website to a new Qantas American Express card: Link Is this anything worthwhile, or just another form of a rewards maximiser card? Nice looking cards though! James
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    Redeeming AA miles on QF flights, from Aus.

    Hi All, I'm sure with all the AA elite/"candy from a baby" members here that this will be an easy question. :) My wife has accumulated lots of AA miles from credit cards, and we're moving back to Sydney from the US next year. We're looking forward to using some of the 20,000 mile "Wholly...
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    Now able to book partner flights online - But wheres AA?

    Hi all, Just read the email update (e-news) from QF and theres a little side note about being able to book award flights on partner airlines online, after May 25th. This is good news, so we wont have to pay the 2500 pts to call any time we want to book something other than standard QF...
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    Starwood Points Transfer Question

    Hi all, Does anybody here know if you can transfer Starwood SPG points to the FF points account of someone else? My wife has AA miles and would like to transfer my starpoints to her account for a top-up. If not, only way i can see is to transfer to an AA account in my name then pay AA $$$...