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    SAS - Direct airline refund even for agency bookings

    Thought I'd post this for interest & see if anyone else knows of any other airlines that offer this. I booked some flights on SAS through an OTA and those flights have since had a major schedule change. The OTA is working on an alternative but, having little faith in them, I decided to reach...
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    Partner award on SQ badly affected by schedule changes - chances of getting it fixed?

    Had a beautiful set of flights booked for end of the year - MEL-DRW on VA, then DRW-SIN-MUC on SQ, CPH-SIN-PER on SQ, PER-MEL on VA. SQ's revised winter schedule now sees: DRW-SIN flight moved forward by a day, and is now before my MEL-DRW flight SIN-MUC flight remaining as is, creating a 2...
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    Complimentary Lounge Invitations - Link Before Expiry, Use After Expiry?

    Would any of the experts here know if complimentary lounge invitations can be used after the expiry date if they're linked before the expiry date? The T&Cs say: But I'm not sure if the invitation is considered "used" when it is linked to a booking or when you actually set foot in the lounge...
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    Max 8 coming to Darwin route

    Got a notification yesterday that my Darwin - Singapore flight (SQ252) in December has changed from 737-800NG to 737 Max 8. To be expected as the 737-800s are progressively being returned to lessors over the next 1.5 years, and Darwin is one of the longest routes still to be served using that...
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    Anyone used Bill Fairies before?

    I noticed today that you can now get "Bill Fairies" gift cards on Prezzee: Bill Fairies eGift Card Looks like the gift card can be used to pay most BPay billers (financial institutions and some other exclusions apply), which seems like a good way to get around credit card fees/transactions...
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    QF Flight Credits - Change fee being levied at redemption?

    Stumbled across this thread on ozb and found it interesting - it looks like passenger initiated flight credits are subject to a change fee when redeeming for new flights. The wording on the QF site ( seems to...