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  1. blackcat20

    A long-awaited reunion

    I'm getting in a little early, but let's face it, we all know that I've already started packing 😂 Next week we are finally heading to Chicago, a long-awaited trip to take Miss 3 and Master 1 to see (and meet!) grandma. The last time we saw her, Miss 3 was just about to turn 1 and Covid was just...
  2. blackcat20

    How to change a reward flight when you aren't WP

    I posted this in the call centre thread yesterday but thought it deserved its own thread as I know many of us have been having the same issue. We're booked to fly MEL-SYD-LAX this month, with an overnight in SYD. We booked a classic reward, J on the domestic leg and F on the international. Our...
  3. blackcat20

    Annual NZ Dinner: CHC 19 March 2022 [Cancelled]

    The return of the (almost) annual NZ dinner! @JessicaTam and I plan to eat dinner in Christchurch on Saturday 19 March, and welcome anyone who would like to join us. Venue: tba Attendees: Blackcat20 JessicaTam We understand that some people prefer the long weekend however it was not...
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    For some reason I'm seeing ads at the bottom of each page
  5. blackcat20

    MEL Xmas dinner 7.30pm Sat 12 Dec 2020

    @JessicaTam and I are heading to Christmas dinner on Saturday December 12 at 7.30pm, so please mark the date in your calendars. Tazio, 91 Flinders Ln Melbourne Edit: Link to post #42 containing menu and payment details: MEL Xmas dinner Sat 12 Dec 2020
  6. blackcat20

    CHC Dinner Saturday 7th March 2020

    As is tradition, @JessicaTam and I are planning to head to New Zealand for dinner on the long weekend next year. However we are going back to basics; we've booked a table at our chosen restaurant, and if anyone would like to join us, they are also welcome to book (and will therefore be...
  7. blackcat20

    Miss TomCat Flies First

    After months of anticipation, our big trip is almost upon us. While it won't be the little Miss' first flight, it will be her first time in First class. She's already knocked over two trips, including one across the ditch. We originally planned to book EK to Chicago but availability dried up a...
  8. blackcat20

    Little Miss TomCat has landed!

    Little Miss TomCat landed safely ahead of schedule on Tuesday. She has @TomVexille and I wrapped around her teeny tiny fingers.
  9. blackcat20

    Retiming of MEL-CHC QF flights

    Was just browsing flights to CHC and have noticed that the MEL-CHC flight (QF133) moves to 8.15am as of the end of March, then 7.15am when daylight savings ends! So much for being able to head over after work for the weekend.:( Not a great move on behalf of Qantas.
  10. blackcat20

    TomCat's Luxury Escape

    It's been over a year since our last trip report, so it felt like time for a new one. Earlier this year we were tossing up between two Luxury Escape's deals: the JW Marriot Khao Lak and the St Regis Langkawi. The first deal was 8 nights all inclusive, the latter 5 nights with a great range of...
  11. blackcat20

    Banner ad despite Gold

    This just appeared on all pages for me
  12. blackcat20

    MEL 2018 AFF XMas Do Saturday 15 December

    It's that time of year again! This year we will be returning to Tazio on Saturday 15th December. Venue: Tazio 66 Flinders lane Melbourne VIC 3000 Time: 7pm Cost: $65 for four courses; canapes to start, shared entree, choice of main and dessert, plus tea and coffee included. All drinks will...
  13. blackcat20

    Pullman on the Park for sale

    Again! Pullman on the Park for sale with nine-figure asking price -
  14. blackcat20

    Island Air (WP) Ceases Operations

    Apparently Island Air has just pulled the pin on all operations. Hawaii's second largest inter-island airline ceases flight operations.
  15. blackcat20

    Voucher booking auto-cancelled

    One to keep an eye out for... Logged into MMB to find our booking to CHC next month had vanished. Was also missing from Check My Trip which was concerning. This was a booking we'd made with a residual voucher which had an expiry date of 7/10. It appears that for some reason the expiry date has...
  16. blackcat20

    Hitched in Hawaii

    I know this was a few months ago, but it feels like a good time to share what was a lovely trip for us. We'd been discussing Hawaii as a wedding location for some time, and it was a well-timed QF sale that kicked us into gear. We certainly do things our own way, booking flights, then choosing...
  17. blackcat20

    Double Points and DSC [Book by 8/9/17, fly by 6/9/18]

    A new offer in the winds; I received this via email so not sure if it's a targetted or general offer.
  18. blackcat20

    Holiday home for hounds

    Trying to find someone to babysit our dogs for three weeks as mum is refusing to deal with them while we're away :(
  19. blackcat20

    TomCat's new digs!

    Progress at our new place; paddock has been replaced with dirt and earth moving equipment.
  20. blackcat20

    MEL 2017 AFF XMas Do Saturday 23 December

    It's that time of year again :lol: JessicaTam and I have started thinking about the annual Xmas dinner, on the usual "Saturday before Christmas". We do understand that this may be too close to Christmas for some but we hope to see many of you there. We've started discussing venues, and were...