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  1. leemin

    QP access - only guest travelling

    New to QP membership and didn't find an answer to my exact question in my search of other threads. I'm dropping my elderly grandmother off for her QF flight in a couple of weeks. Is there any chance of QF allowing her (my guest) and I into the QP if she is the one travelling? Appreciative of...
  2. leemin

    The Etihad partnership

    Okay, the VA-EY partnership has been around for a while now. Things should have been ironed out by now, so I have a few questions (I'm WP): 1. Why can't I either online or by calling the GCC, select seats (or even ask that a seat request be submitted) on VA ticketed flights operated by EY e.g...
  3. leemin

    VA and NZ threaten to "immediately unwind" partnership

    As reported in The Oz today: Puffing of chests or serious threat?
  4. leemin

    PER lounge access flying VA Int'l

    Is it correct that as a WP flying PER-HKT in J on a VA marketed and operated flight, I have no lounge access? That's what the website seems to indicate, but it seems very odd. Has anyone had any luck getting entry to the SQ lounge on a VA ticket? Maybe I should have booked on SQ... :/
  5. leemin

    Young driver charge - Europcar

    As a DJ WP, I enrolled into Europcar's Privilege program at the Elite level. I recently inquired about a rental car for the first time and the online quote was around $150. It mentioned a young driver surcharge (I'm 22) but didn't have details so I rang Europcar. The guy on the phone quoted me...
  6. leemin

    Help a Hilton Noob

    So my first stay at a Hilton is as a Gold (thanks DJ!) at HoTP, Melbourne. Got upgraded to Exec floor. As it's just me on my own tonight, I felt completely lost going into the Exec Lounge. Pretended I was looking for someone and walked out! lol So my question; what's the go in there? I...
  7. leemin

    Amex Plat Edge flight 'Not Valid For Earn'

    One half of my free return flight with the Amex Plat Edge CC shows in Velocity as: Processed Date Activity Date Description Status Credits Velocity Points Base Bonus Total 15 Aug 12 10 Aug 12 Melbourne-Adelaide (Not Valid For Earn) 0 0 0 0 Has anyone else experienced this? I thought...
  8. leemin

    Nice Adelaide dining at short notice

    Looking to take a friend out to dinner while visiting Adelaide this weekend. Have found Jolley's Boathouse which has mostly positive reviews and is available. Sounds alright. Any other ideas? I am flying blind... I like Taxi in Melbourne if that gives an idea of what I'm after as far as...
  9. leemin

    Amex free flight features/conditions

    I've just redeemed my free flight today with Amex (Plat Edge CC). The itinerary from Amex shows: Does anybody know what this means? Is food included on Savers booked by Amex? Flights are MEL-ADL-MEL, at 1610 and 0650 respectively. Also, does anybody know whether it is possible to pay to...
  10. leemin

    What's on in MEL this w/end?

    Looking for a bed for the night, I've discovered nearly all CBD accommodation is booked out on Saturday (4th August) and what's left is very pricey. Does anyone know if there's a big event or something on this weekend? I've never before seen it like this a week out
  11. leemin

    Confused about upgrade options

    Have been doing some research into points upgrades (Y to J) with SQ, but am a little confused. They list three types with very different pricing: Saver Award Standard Award Full Award Could someone please explain to me what the difference is? I'd likely fly MEL-LHR (It would all be much easier...
  12. leemin

    Virgin opens "The Club" at SYD

    'The Club' (DJ's CL) It appears the DJ answer to CL has progressed somewhat: I'm still confused as to where it is physically going to fit, especially in MEL.
  13. leemin

    QP guest entitlements

    Currently looking at the details of various QP memberships in the lead up to a probable holiday next year with my grandmother and a couple of great aunts to London. :shock: With my Velocity Gold status, I've got used to having lounge access and J travel will not be an option. I would also feel...
  14. leemin

    DJ iPhone app

    DJ have just (yesterday I think) released an iPhone app. It's largely based around highlighting cheap fares, but has other functions too. Have had a bit of a play and it looks good. Shows cheapest flights simply and easily, including a future price custom alert feature, then allows you to book...
  15. leemin

    Priority check-in - Flexi needs to go

    Checking-in for my flight the other day I realised that the purple sign indicates anyone traveling on a Flexi fare can use priority check-in. It seems that more people are now DJ FFers with status and that this line is getting increasingly long. While I don't expect to walk straight up to the...
  16. leemin

    EY buys stake in DJ. Now what?

    With news that EY has completed the purchase of a 4% stake in DJ, it got me thinking about what that means for Velocity. At the moment, as far as reciprocal status benefits are concerned, EY is not the best of the international partners. The fact that the lounge we can use is in a different...
  17. leemin

    First time through the frosted black doors

    Currently in the CL for the first time (MEL). Nice, and much, much quieter. Apart from that, it's not that different. Or maybe all the secrecy and hype just raised expectations too high..
  18. leemin

    2FOR1CC Offer - Only 1 Velocity member allowed?

    Just booked a flight under the Virgin Flyer 2FOR1CC offer. Was told by the DJ call center rep that due to T&Cs, the second 'free' passenger's Velocity details cannot be entered into the booking. Is this correct? I can't find it anywhere in Velocity or Virgin Money T&Cs and it doesn't fit with...
  19. leemin

    Ansett to live again??

    I noticed an ad in the business section of The Age this morning. It refers to 'Ansett Airlines of Australia' with a slogan of 'the pheonix?' The website ( only has a contact form and a picture of a plane. Anyone know anything about this? I am intrigued.
  20. leemin

    Virgin Flyer 2FOR1 Offer - What about a no-show?

    Obviously people here would be familiar with Virgin Money's Flyer credit card 2FOR1 offer. The T&Cs state: Does anyone know what (if anything) would happen if one guest (the credit card holder) didn't check-in for one of the legs, more specifically, the outbound leg? My reading is that both...