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    “Seamless Light” - Experiences with QF’s new terminal transfer at SYD

    Does anyone have experience with the newly implemented “Seamless Light” transfer service? Information is light on. It appears that DOM-INT operates as before but with more limited frequency. For INT-DOM a “Seamless Light” service will operate but a number of things are unclear. Are bags...
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    Lounge Access on VX Operated Flights

    When travelling on a VA-coded, VX-operated flight in F (booked as J award), does this entitle one to lounge access at the Loft? I note that the VX rules for their own flights would preclude this as it is not a full fare ticket but the VA website indicates that VA-coded flights would get access...
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    Churning in Australia - Who allows it?

    So, credit card churning has been stomped out by a lot of banks in the States but I'm trying to figure out who still allows it in Australia. For those that do allow it, do you have to cancel first, or can you simply apply again and, if approved, keep your current card while getting the bonus.w