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    Korea F5 Permanent Residency Loss and Renewal

    I'm sure that this won't be relevant for many, but if you have lost your Korean permanent residency due to not visiting Korea I the last few years you might be able to recover it. I needed to provide an apostilled criminal record check, show a housing contract and pay ₩200,000 for the residency...
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    [Rant] It would be illegal to carry a dog in an economy seat.

    I will make a positive post after this but IMO airlines have gone too far in cutting the space in economy. I know it isn't an entirely fair comparison as dogs in a cage cannot get up and move around, however there must be 10cm of space all around a dog, yet I get -2cm of legroom in economy and...
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    Applying for 2nd Citizenship

    During the pandemic, I started watching Nomad Capitalist videos on YouTube despite not being an 8 or 9 figure entrepreneur (yet, although I am leaving my run late.) I decided to claim Serbian citizenship through my late father. It has been difficult to gather the required documents with...
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    Air NZ Bne+Others - LAX $1190 Biz Rtn

    A great unadvertised special on Air NZ business class fares. I just booked through Expedia for early May. Expedia was reporting 7500 sales and 6500 people looking at fares so not sure how long it will last. Books in Z class.
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    Finally a Lounge in BNE

    I was just on the Diners App and Australia has it's first lounge. (since Ansett?) The guest fee at USD$36 seems a bit high. My wife's additional card allows her entry to Diners lounges but I'm not sure if that's all Diners or just our Korean Hyundai Diners.
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    Long-time reader, second post!

    Hi, everyone I have an interest in flying. However, it tends to very much at the back of budget carriers these days. I had a mate complaining that when he gets seated at the front of Business on Emirates that he has to walk all the way to the back of the plane to use the bathroom. I was able...