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    Qantas ticketing delays - likely risk of losing booking.

    It's not only award tickets that can have this problem. In 2020 I purchased a Qantas revenue ticket that included two domestic flights on PG within Thailand (BKKCNX and CNXBKK) and one on SQ (BKKSIN) as part of my journey back to Australia to connect with QF in SIN. Bangkok Airways told me...
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    Qantas to Remove Boarding Pass Printing from Kiosks

    Agree about the Qtags. Using one of these, on at least three occasions my bag failed to arrive in LST from SYD after a change of plane in MEL. Each time it was stuck in MEL. Qantas in both LST and SYD on different occasions told me that this often happened because of the Qtag, and an...
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    New TRS rules? Goods no longer included in cap?

    Thanks for that. May I ask, how did you calculate the depreciation and is there a site that instructs travellers on this topic?
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    Qantas Call Centre Long Wait Times

    Great comment about the KPI!
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    Qantas Call Centre Long Wait Times

    With regard to waiting times, I have recently experienced considerable variation. I am pleased to report that on one occasion recently I was put strait through (as platinum on the premium line), but it was to a non-Australian call centre. I'm not so pleased to report that the lady couldn't...
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    Qantas incorrectly requiring PCR test. Any point seeking a refund?

    I think it is 100% clear that Qantas should pay compensation (and I agree that it should not be considered to be a 'refund') This should apply any time that they cause an unnecessary expense for a customer through their own action or error, even if it is considered 'good will' to do so. After...
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    Incorrect information you've been given by Qantas Contact Centre

    A couple of years ago I was booked on QF LST-MEL-SYD on a Friday evening, and SYD-BKK on QF23 the following morning. Bad weather saw me stuck in MEL for the night. No seats were available the following morning to get me to SYD in time for QF23, so they rebooked me on a later MEL-SYD flight (for...
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    How many countries have you visited?

    Neither do I - I don't think those should count at all.
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    How many countries have you visited?

    Interesting point. I've been to Taiwan but not Kosovo, and I've wondered about whether to include these as countries for the purpose of this question. . Perhaps one more detail about whether a place is a country or not, for this purpose, is to look at the degree of international recognition of...
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    How many countries have you visited?

    That sounds interesting! Thanks!
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    How many countries have you visited?

    My criteria are that (1) it needs to be a recognised independent sovereign state and a UN member at the time I visited (except that I also count Vatican, which is independent but not in the UN), and (2) I need to go through customs, leave the airport, and perform some activity other than just...
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    Qantas improves conditions on vouchers

    Good question. My understanding, but BEFORE Qantas decided to allow the voucher to be redeemed for multiple bookings, is that a booking that is changed but still has the same reference number as the original booking would still qualify for double status credits, provided that the new flight...
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    Qantas improves conditions on vouchers

    Regarding thre DSC offer, yes I agree. It would seem to me that keeping the booking as a credit could be useful when rebooking, as Qantas allows changes provided that the original booking reference number is retained. However, unless I have missed something, they have not yet commented on...
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    Incorrect information you've been given by Qantas Contact Centre

    In late 2018 the itinerary for the first part of my trip was LST-MEL-SYD one evening followed by SYD-BKK the next day, all on QF. I was stuck in MEL for the night because MEL-SYD flights were cancelled (I think it was weather). Qantas provided my accommodation, but all the flights MEL-SYD the...
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    What do people do when QFF Multi-City booking engine can't handle requests?

    I often have this problem. Recently, for example, I tried to book LST-SYD, SYD-BKK, BKK-CNX, CNX-BKK, BKK-MEL and MEL-LST for a series of different days, and tried several times without success. Typically it would get me through to 'The Payment Page is Next' after quoting a price, but then it...
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    QFF Inaccessible from Overseas?

    I had the same problem logging in from at home in Australia recently! My mobile was inconveniently located so I chose to answer the three questions instead. My cousin's full name, last five digits of my driver licence number and grandmother's maiden name. I put them all in correctly, and it...
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    Angry pax declines to Raise Reclined Seat During Service...

    I quite agree with all of the comments. Perhaps an announcement that 'It is an [airline name] requirement that seats be in the upright position during the meal service' may be helpful, just as in the announced airline requirement that seat belts be fastened whenever seated. However, I would...
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    QF flight search engine even dodgier? Please no!

    On more than one occasion I have booked a fare using the 'more flexible' option on the website, with the intention of having a flex fare for the entire return trip from Australia to Thailand, including the domestic trips LSTSYD outward, and vice versa inward. At the bottom of the booking page...
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    How would you run Qantas?

    Two changes I would make immediately are: 1. Improve the website. Those huge boxes containing the seat prices are very annoying - in the past, much more information could be included on the screen. The boxes are a waste of space! 2. Improve the standard of English grammar and punctuation...