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  1. Ansett

    Best Economy Seat Qantas A330-300 Economy

    Hi all Does any one have any pictures or details of the Legroom in 24J in Economy on the A330-300, as I have been advised by VIP team these are the best seats. I am concerned about the Bulkhead and how restrictive it maybe. What experiences do people have and what would you suggest as the best...
  2. Ansett

    Qantas Cancels Project Sunrise and Orders 777X (April Fools) :)

    Qantas this morning announced that it will not proceed with Project Sunrise as a result of the high fuel cost and the need to reroute to avoid Russian air space causing longer flight times than expected making it uneconomical. In a further blow to Airbus Qantas will order 20 Boeing 777X with...
  3. Ansett

    Qantas A330 Best seats

    Hi Flying on QF A330-200 with the 28 J seat and 243 Y config are seats 23 J and K good seats or too close to the bulkhead and limited leg space for a flight MEL-CNS. Many thanks
  4. Ansett

    Qantas First Lounges to Reopen

    Speaking with Lounge staff in Melbourne today, who were previously First Hosts, they confirmed that the First Lounge in Melbourne will reopen with the start of the Trans Tasman Bubble. In Melbourne they will not reopen the International Business Lounge at this stage, so all members that are...
  5. Ansett

    787 Program To Be Axed according to Boeing Insiders

    According to a colleague in the know this will be the last year for the 787 which will be replaced with an all New Aircraft that will sit between the 737 and the 777X but with longer range and lower fuel consumption and operating costs than the Airbus A321 XLR. The New Aircraft, believed to be...
  6. Ansett

    Alcohol-Free Drinks

    With a drive to reduce Alcohol and have an alternative when you cant drink, such as when driving, and given that some of us have had an excess of Alcohol during the lock down and many like myself have opted to reduce that by substituting with Alcohol free drinks I thought I would ask what do you...
  7. Ansett

    Can Boeing and the 737 survive?

    One has to ask with aircraft parked up all over the place and the MAX still not operational and not looking as if it will be for some time. Can the 737 survive? When demand returns it will do so softly and over a long period of time, many of the aircraft parked or under construction may not be...
  8. Ansett

    DSC FEB 2020 Post Your Successful Bookings

    Who will be the first. Be good to see how quick DSC is awarded. Suggest the following be included Route Day of flight Date DSC Posted
  9. Ansett

    Qantas and RSA in J International what is the Go?

    Recently flew J MEL-SIN on QF35 went to get a glass of wine later in the flight only to be greeted by a completely empty bar, spoke to the CSM who advised that they were not allowed legally to have self serve drinks due to the requirements of RSA compliance. I pointed out that self serve wine...
  10. Ansett

    Journalism? QF575 Seems to have been an A330 based on the seat count Wonder of any members were on board or witnessed and how much cabin baggage was taken.
  11. Ansett

    Plane Crash Perth Airport Well more like a bit of a fender bender than a full on crash.
  12. Ansett

    KUL Lounge a few questions please.

    A Friend and I are off to coughet for a boys week away riding motor bikes and sight seeing and are looking at flying MH via KL with me as a WP, my friend as an NB and have the following questions if people could assist would be much appreciated, 1) Can I Guest him into the First Lounge we are...
  13. Ansett

    REX Safety Issues Staff call for Grounding Will be interesting to see what CASA finds and if they do ground the fleet. If the fleet is grounded would Qantas and Virgin step in?
  14. Ansett

    Is Qantas Feeling the Pinch?

    With all the sales and Double Status Credit offers followed by double and triple points offers it seems that Qantas may be getting desperate for forward bookings what does every one else think? So far this year my SC earn on QF is sitting on 40 ( year commences January 1) where as normally I...
  15. Ansett

    Qantas Restructures Travel Classes

    Qantas is set to announce a major change today to its travel class structure, Since the introduction of the 787 Qantas has seen unprecedented loads in premium cabins with many noting the current business class to be as good if not better than most other airlines First class, as such this has...
  16. Ansett

    Oceania Express New Airline

    'Please take me seriously': Boy, 10, writes adorable letter to the CEO of Qantas asking him for advice on how to run his airline 'Oceania Express' – and gets an EPIC response back Well done to these young folks what a great day that would be for some one so young. I confess to being a tad...
  17. Ansett

    QF Domestic Segment International. Rules? International or domestic?

    Sitting in the MEL F lounge awaiting MEL-PER on QF9 and have denied a spa treatment as i am a domestic passenger, it got me thinking If this is a domestic flight then can I guest 2 people into the lounge irregardless of whether they are flying Qantas or not as per WP entitlements. For...
  18. Ansett

    QF Cost Cutting or Inconsistency

    Just arrived at the First Lounge for the Domestic leg of QF 9 to Perth and asked about a spa treatment and was advised that Qantas Does not offer this service to Domestic legs and as such I was refused. I questioned how come I was allowed 2 weeks earlier and advised that it was not possible...
  19. Ansett

    Free 2 x QF Lounge Invites Exp End February 19

    We have two Lounge passes available that expire End of February 2019 (Actual Printed Cards). If you would like two please tell us why you want them by 6pm Monday 11/02/2019. Your flight must be a Qantas International Flight to make the most of them. Please provide departing flight number. We...
  20. Ansett

    Australia's 4 major airlines forced to make changes to refund policies in significant win for travel

    Jetstar faces $2m fine for misleading public about refund rights It will be interesting to see what changes all the others make to their terms and conditions and if this will be applied retrospectively. If all airfares are now refundable what impact does everyone think it will have on prices?