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    American Express Business Explorer Credit Card - deposits to spend above credit limt

    Just had my Amex BUsiness Explorer declined. Called Amex and had an infuriating conversation with them. Situation = invoice from a supplier payable with credit card without fee - $78k; my Amex credit limit is $35k; I had supplier break the invoice into $35k+$35k+$8k Paid the first $35k and...
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    American Express Business Explorer® Credit Card Bonus - existing card holder - DJ Amex

    I need a business credit card. I want to apply for the American Express Business Explorer® Credit Card which has a current 100k bonus, but excludes current Amex issued card holders. I hold an Amex DJ. My research tells me Amex DJ is excluded from the current card holder exclusions. I just...
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    USA Amex plat access to va lounges

    Clearly va lounge access is explicitly listed as a benefit of the Amex plat au. But no mention on the USA Amex plat. Does USA Amex plat grant access to va lounges? (Would they even be able to tell the difference between a USA and aus cards)
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    Narky QF gate staff

    We were flying PER-MEL yesterday on QF10. Airport was very quiet as it was Easter Saturday. QC was closed we were welcomed in the business lounge in T4. As boarding neared there was nothing on the board and finally an announcement made that boarding for QF10 was delayed and to stay in the...
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    Lounge Meets March 2019

    SWMBO is travelling on her own Mar 27 QF50 SFO-MEL. If any members are on the same flight or flights around the same time and can guest her into the lounge, it would be much appreciated.
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    Orphaned soon to expire points in family account [Conga line?]

    Each of my family members have a QF FF account. My wife and daughter have 1600 points each soon to expire. But the min family transfer amount is 5000 points. Is it possible for me to transfer 5000 to each of them, and then transfer 6600 back to my account (which is the account we consolidate...
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    Parent (in J) and kids (in Y)on separate PNR

    Yeah was wondering about this. Seems like best approach is for 2 booking and split the parents between award and paid, and then change seats on the plane. Especially given my preference at this time in this circumstance to spend miles over cash on at least 2 tickets (points upgrades till...
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    Parent (in J) and kids (in Y)on separate PNR

    Good point - so if U is now available and I book in Y and apply for points upgrade it clears instantly?
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    Parent (in J) and kids (in Y)on separate PNR

    So either split the parents between the award and paid PNRs and swtich seats for the flights, or pay for Y and use points to upgrade (less certain).
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    Parent (in J) and kids (in Y)on separate PNR

    Planning a trip MEL-PER and thinking that the mrs and I will use an AAdv J award and we will buy Y tix for the kids on the same flight. So how do I go about booking tickets for the kids on their PNR given we won't be on it but will be on the same flight? I don't want them to be regarded or...
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    SYD-LAX J (or even any) redemption availability

    And if there is a reward J available on a date will it appear on top or do i need to also scroll down the list of flights? Do any other sites (like Award NExus or EF) provide ability to search for VA awards in a better way?
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    SYD-LAX J (or even any) redemption availability

    I've got a similar question. Very infrequent VA flyer and redeemer. Tried to see MEL-JFK awards for Nov and even fro 330 days out in Apr '17. Can't seem to see anything other Any seat at 500k points or so each way. Is there a way to restrict search for reward J seats, and show a calendar...
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    Citibank- transfering points before devaulation

    Right... My bad...
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    Citibank- transfering points before devaulation

    Just went to transfer my balance... Rate is showing is new 3:2 rate even though it is not March 18 yet.. Wtf? How do I unissued on the 1:1 rate as per their own communication to us until March 18?
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    Lounge Access Help Desk

    we're on QF metal but AA flight number. Does the JV between USA and Aus require that AA/QF flight numbers receive equivalence or something of the sort?
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    Lounge Access Help Desk

    Pretty sure we're fine, but just wanted to check. I read over on FT that the TBIT lounge is a OW lounge operated by QF not a QF lounge! Does that mean that a QC member flying on QF/AA codeshare to MEL doesn't have access? Can't be can it?
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    booking AAdv awards on QF

    thanks will do. One more question - if booking a Oceania-Africa award and I want to stop in both JNB and WDH (so MEL-SYD-JNB...JNB-WDH...WDH-JNB-SYD-MEL) and there is a JNB-WDH BA flight, will this be within the AAdv award routing inclusions? Or do I just need to purchase the BA JNB-WDH...
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    booking AAdv awards on QF

    Trying to book MEL-SYD-JNB return U award using Aadv on QF. CHecked on QF for my dates - available. CHecked on - shows up as availble. When I go to select flights and book it comes back saying The flights you've selected are no longer available - asking me to select others but...
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    The "Where to from Citibank?" thread

    so in summary no good options in terms of FF earning cards. Are there good other (eg cash rebate, balance credit, other) cards if one decides that 0.5-0.6 PPD is just not good value (and rely on cash and one's ability to buy good value fares)?
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    TBIT arrivals - Express or Kiosk?

    Not planning on having checked luggage. In the "old days" when I travelled more you used to have to get an AA BP reissued by AA even though QF may have given you one - is that not the case any more? Wouldn't the FL F checkin at a minimum cut out the security lines and waiting as you go up in...