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  1. Stewey

    Ten Days For Ten Years

    Absolutely wonderful Trip Report @NoName superb scenery delicious meals and beautiful hotels, restaurants and destinations you have me all excited to take SWMBO on a European sojourn
  2. Stewey

    Hello and thanks

    Welcome to AFF
  3. Stewey

    Ten Days For Ten Years

    What sensational views
  4. Stewey

    Ten Days For Ten Years

    Wonderful TR and pictures Wow
  5. Stewey

    Ten Days For Ten Years

    Great TR
  6. Stewey

    How does Accor treat you as an Elite guest?

    I'll be staying there myself in late July for a long weekend and I'll see what happens I'm Accor Gold
  7. Stewey

    Accor "Welcome" Gifts for Elites?

    I got a bottle of wine and some chocolates from the Mercure Welcome in Melbourne in Late March 2022 (Accor Gold)
  8. Stewey

    Accor "Welcome" Gifts for Elites?

    As what everyone says the welcome gifts vary greatly. I’ve had bottles of wine, chocolates, drink vouchers and even socks given to me (Accor Gold)
  9. Stewey

    Finally the Drrons are off on a Real OS Trip

    Great TR guys and excellent photos and brought back some good memories and I’m looking forward to getting back to Singapore at some stage in the near future
  10. Stewey

    How does Accor treat you as an Elite guest?

    Property: Sofitel on Collins Melbourne for 2 nights (27 - 29 Dec) Status: Gold Room: Standard King Upgrade: Yes to Corner King Suite on a higher floor Internet: Yes Early Checkin / late checkout: Yes, offered a late Checkout but did not use it Welcome drinks; None offered as all bars were closed...
  11. Stewey

    Lord Howe Island - October 2020

    I was lucky enough to spend a week working on Lord Howe Island in June 2009 and the place is amazing and it is such a short flight to get there as well. Landing and taking off from the airport is certainly interesting but the spectacular view flying in past Balls Pyramid and then to see the...
  12. Stewey

    Accor Fast Track to Silver/Gold/Platinum

    thanks @sudoer, I just registered in the off chance I can stay at least 1 night prior to end of this year
  13. Stewey

    What do you use the amenities zipper bags for after a flight?

    I have 3 or 4 still unopened here at home, including a couple of mini Rimowa ones the soft sided ones I've opened I use for cables, chargers and another one holds medications etc need to start travelling again to get some more :)
  14. Stewey

    A Christmas Surprise (Air China Business Class)

    Great TR, thank you so much for sharing @Mattg
  15. Stewey

    What's your favourite 747 memory?

    My best memory was flying home from HKG early last year and getting an upgrade for my Mum and I. it was her first time ever in J and we were put on the Upper Deck and there was only 3 other passengers up there and we had the most amazing time on the flight and my Mum was simply amazed at the...
  16. Stewey

    Where would you be now ... ?

    I would have been in Hong Kong with my brother for our annual boys trip to catch up with friends. 🍻🍻 I've been the last 2 years. I miss Hong Kong ☹
  17. Stewey

    A taste of Xiamen summer & Qantas First and several bites of the Pier - 2018

    I would recommend Shanghai too for a first visitor to China, I was lucky that my brother lived there for a number of years and was an excellent tour guide :) 🍻 He is back in Australia these days but we always try to have a boys long weekend in Hong Kong but that is sadly on the back burner at...
  18. Stewey

    The Last Samurai, Tokyo and Sapporo

    You travel very similar to me my friend and I thoroughly enjoyed your TR and I'm seriously thinking of heading to Sapporo next Jan or Feb myself