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  1. Elementalist

    Late to bag drop - QF SYD airport experience

    OP was travelling business, so business /premium check-in is always manned and at that time of the day usually no line. I am surprised OP didn’t go there.
  2. Elementalist

    Requesting classic reward seats

    Not for anyone - has to be one of the eligible relationships to you.
  3. Elementalist

    Qantas mixed cabin return flight?

    You can mix economy and premium economy, but you can’t mix economy and business on the same ticket, I believe.
  4. Elementalist

    Zeroing out Vs cancellation of flights

    Like for many reasons.. for instance, when the airline wants to preserve the inventory in case it needs to reaccomodate pax from another flight that is likely to be cancelled. Or when there is a consideration of an aircraft change, so seats are temporarily withdrawn from sale. I was on QF11...
  5. Elementalist

    Qantas Call Centre Long Wait Times

    Yes entered QFF# each time. The Capetown guy even said “you are talking to the premium line” 😳 My attempts were both Friday and Saturday.
  6. Elementalist

    Qantas Call Centre Long Wait Times

    WP… How do you people get to HBA? 15 calls, 3 answered in Fiji, 12 in Capetown… all between 10:00 and 16:00 AEST. One call to Capetown was funny. I always prefer to do a ‘soft’ HUACA, but this time I heard the voice and got scared it was the person I just spoke to, so I just hung up.. a minute...
  7. Elementalist

    Some Qantas Elite Travellers Not Match Fit

    Or a demerit points / penalties system, start with 13, lose them all - drop one level for a month 🤣
  8. Elementalist

    QF Oz to USA September 2022 - preferred route?

    I found DFW AA Flagship a notch better (more spacious) than LAX AA Flagship, but both are a jump up from OW LAX Business, both in food and amenities. However, except for the crowding, I prefer QF London Lounge over AA Flagship (personal preference due to fresh coffee and alcohol/food selection)...
  9. Elementalist

    QF Oz to USA September 2022 - preferred route?

    I was at DFW AA Flagship lounge in April and it definitely has showers which were open. The lounge also has an area with daybeds for napping which was amazing.
  10. Elementalist

    Qantas Past Positive Medical Clearance form

    I submitted just the NSW Health Clearance Form (without the Qantas form). Got a response within 6 hours clearing me to fly without a test. QF website says “Qantas form OR a signed medical certificate”, so looks like they accept either.
  11. Elementalist

    Everyday Rewards Targeted Offers

    Happened several times even on orders that show all items in stock, because the store that fullfills the order may sell out of the items by the time the order is fullfilled. Web chat with a rewards team has always resolved that for me and points were manually credited.
  12. Elementalist

    QF Upgrade Success - discussion thread

    SYD-HKG QF127 (333) vs QF118 (388) Considering a FlexY fare on QF127, with an upgrade lottery ticket. Because J suites. Alternatively, W is slightly more expensive than Y but if the upgrade does not clear than at least PE which is a plus. But if it does, then a SkyBed which is a minus. :-/...
  13. Elementalist

    Qantas Domestic & International Business Class meals/menus

    In line with the sustainability policy... Pax get fatter - fuel usage goes up :lol:
  14. Elementalist

    Qantas new website messed up?

    Same here, my bookings disappeared too. Search for a booking by PNR reveals it, still linked to my QFF#. But attempts to do anything in MMB on the website or the app (tried a classic domestic upgrade) results in "Sorry. The system is currently experiencing difficulties"
  15. Elementalist

    Domestic J loads

    Hi, road warriors! :) Gathering some statistic for a uni case study and interested to compile stats about domestic J load factors, intra-day and day-of-the-week. So if you a regular flyer (or even an occasional one but have flown recently), could you please comment your observations regarding...
  16. Elementalist

    QF Double Status Credits (SC) offer for all :)

    Not exactly the same but similar. I had to split the original DSC booking into two (the second passenger wasn't travelling) and to cancel one ticket. The agent cancelled the old PNR, and created a new PNR for mine, although I specifically asked for the old PNR to retain. I called the FF team and...
  17. Elementalist

    QF2 Passengers Stranded in Dubai

    Call me a cynic, but I just don't buy the story of a holiday ruined by Qantas for a couple who supposedly "saved up to go to fireworks in Sydney", so they booked a flight that arrives in Sydney at 6am on 31st Dec? To go watch fireworks same night (likely, jet lagged)? Yeah, sure...
  18. Elementalist

    QF ticket cancellation

    Yes you can - i did it not long ago. As long as the refund goes onto the same credit card that was used to make the original payment, I was told. I did it over the phone, but the operator told me that even if i did it online and it got converted into a voucher, I could later call and they would...
  19. Elementalist

    I'm in the QF Lounge thread

    Anyone in SYD Int FLounge this morning? :cool:
  20. Elementalist

    QANTAS fares to LHR

    Seems very reasonable. For Jul/aug 2016 best fares I saw were $7,500 in J in a companion sale about 3-4 months prior to departure, after the sale ended the price went to $8,200, which suggest Qantas discounts J sales on AU-EUR at about 10%. At present fares are at all times low, but have been...