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    QF Stands down 2 Flight Attendants

    Morning all... Stumbled across this one this morning... Some juicy gossip for us all to chew on! Qantas stands down two flight attendants amid investigation - Travel D P G
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    CX releases details of new seats/cabin

    Hi All... Just found CX has released details of their new seats/cabin being introduced from January 2007. I like what I see, and definately sets the bar very hig for other airlines. Cathay Pacific - What's Onboard : Travel Classes > Preview The New Seats Complete upgrades to Economy, Business...
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    oneworld Interactive Network Map

    I was just exploring the new oneworld website and there is now an interactive network map. I haven't given it a full look, but I thought I would share, as this is something I at least have been looking for for a very long time. oneworld - Where We Fly Enjoy! D P G
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    D-Day 8 Oct for Ezy Mastercard

    Just thought I would share with everyone that I received a letter in the post today from CBA letting me know that the Ezy Mastercard program will close on 8 October, and I will be moved onto a Standard Commonweath Mastercard from this day. This means the end of the $1=1points for Qantas... :(...
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    Aer Lingus to Leave oneworld

    Just received an email from oneworld. EI will be leaving oneworld. Aer Lingus plans to leave oneworld 30 May 2006 Aer Lingus has confirmed to its oneworldTM partners that it intends to leave the alliance but retain bilateral links with a number of the grouping's key member airlines...
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    QP meet this Sunday 14 May? SYD, BNE, MEL or ADL

    Hi all... I am not sure if I have started this topic in the right place, but here goes... This Sunday (Mother's Day I know!), I am heading on a bit of a road trip (by QF), and will be in the SYD, BNE, MEL and ADL QP's throughout Sunday. I am on the following flights: SYD-BNE QF504 0705...
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    Give me your best OWE itinerary! Prize for best entry!

    Okay, I am very interested to see what everyone on can come up with for the best oneworld explorer itinerary. I think that more people (especially in this forum) are using these airfares to boost their status and increase their FF points. Hence, the information shared will...
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    QF Points Issue - Easter Weekend

    Just a quick one... I flew some flights over Easter, and unusally they did not credit within a couple of hours as they usually do... I was on the phone to QFF (for another matter) and I asked, and apparently there was an issue with points crediting over the weekend. The lady I spoke to...
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    To Upgrade or Not!

    Well on this thread I need to get some advice from you all. I have a points upgrade request from J to F for a JNB-SYD flight at the end of March... What I am trying to work out is: Is it Worth It? I have no problems in the Skybed in terms of sleeping, meals, drinks and service, but I would...
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    QuickTrip allocated me an Exit Row!

    I just was wondering if this had happened to anyone else... I stuck my card in, and it came up with my flights, and that it had given me 12F on a 734. Then when I went to print the boarding pass it said to go to the Customer Service desk to collect my boarding pass as I was in an exit row...
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    New ADL Airport... The Run Down (Now with Pictures)

    Well I managed to get myself to the new Adelaide Airport today... It was an adventure in itself getting here! Flying via MEL on O7. I have taken some pictures, but I need to wait till I get home, as I left the cord at home. I arrived on QF685 from MEL and the first major difference is the...
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    How Many QF destinations have YOU been to?

    Now I was sitting on the Dash-8 today coming back from Longreach, and suddenly I had a thought... How many QF destinations have I been to? So I have put together a list of all of the Destinations that QF (Mainline/QantasLink and JetConnect) fly - it is below... How many of these places...
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    RewardPass to cease COB 19 January

    Hi to everyone... A little bit of disapointing news... Flight Centre Limited has decided to end the RewardPass program at COB 19 January 2006. The program was running for approx 13 months. It has not been able to bring enough benifits when compared to the cost of the program. I guess...
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    Help with QF Aircraft Registrations

    Just wondering if anyone can give me some assistance with the registrations of the following flights: 25DEC : QF0790 : SYD-ASP 25DEC : QF1941 : ASP-AYQ 28DEC : QF0797 : ASP-MEL 28DEC : QF0492 : MEL-SYD (VH-OGH... i think!) Any help would be greatly appreciated... D P G
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    Velocity NAB 15,000 point offer!

    I just received an email through from 'Velocity Rewards'. NAB are offering 15,000 points for an approved application for either the Velocity Visa or Velocity American Express... 15000 points is enought for a return SYD-BNE/MEL trip... considering there is no annual fee in the first year...