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    Taking two prints onboard as hand luggage in mailing tube.

    Thanks for the advice @kookaburra75 and @bertflyer. Philip
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    New TRS rules? Goods no longer included in cap?

    I purchased a telescopic sight in 2017 and took it to the UK for use in some very long range target shooting matches. I have left the telescopic sight in the UK along with a good deal of other paraphernalia associated with the competitions that I enter. I claimed the GST at the aiport amounting...
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    Taking two prints onboard as hand luggage in mailing tube.

    MsYearlylonghaul and I are travelling to UK next Sunday on QF1 and want to take 2 prints on canvas of aboriginal paintings. They fit into a single mailing tube 90mm diameter x 850mm long. Do you suppose that will be problem with check-in staff to have as carry-on. We will each have a small...
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    Vaccine Rollout in Australia - personal accounts.

    Had #4 today, flying to UK Sunday week. Have had Pf-Pf-Mod-Mod. Only side effects from any shots were on the first Pf, when I had a mild headache a few hours after the vaccine. No other side effects whatsoever. I spaced out the times of my vaccines so that I could get my #4 about 10 days before...
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    Famous people seen (or even met) whilst flying or lounging

    On the same flight as Peter Carey (the author not the actor) with family, and Richard Wherrett Brisbane - Sydney. Just days later was in the book store at Sydney T3, Ray Martin wandered in.
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    2022 travel plans

    We have our own static caravan with all mod cons, in south of England and haven't been able to use it since July/August 2019 because of border closures, so looking forward to using it again this British summer for 3 months. Getting out of the cold winter in southern NSW is good too. It is nice...
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    Reasonably priced car rental in Europe

    Have used Kendall car rental when flying into LHR on numerous occasions. Kendall do not have a desk at any airports, but have meet and greet service at LHR and LGW. I was quite hesitant to use them on the first occasion as they are not one of the big names, but have been going back to them every...
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    Cannot find PM button (Found thanks to VPS Senior Member)

    Thanks VPS. Not sure whether envelope has just appeared since I made my first posting or whether it was there all along.
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    Cannot find PM button (Found thanks to VPS Senior Member)

    I am only a newby on this forum, and I cannot find the way to PM another member. I have even been onto the XenForo website to find instructions to PM. It seems maybe that the PM button doesn't appear for someone that has never made a previous posting???? Is there someone out there that can step...