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    Article: Virgin Business Class Better Value than Qantas in 2022?

    If you have status with QF you should call velocity up and ask if they’d do a status challenge. A friend of mine was offered the whole Discover gold thing a few months back. It will give you status a bit earlier and you’ll earn more miles for your dollar. Plus you’ll get to gift gold to someone...
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    Virgin ‘New Era’ event Thur 19th. [*Postponed*]

    Even moreso if they had staff parading at the event instead of manning planes after repeatedly complaining about cabin crew shortages. So what are betting on for the new livery, inverted virgin blue livery? (White body red tail)
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    Misleading info from Virgin Velocity FF

    My bad I got the wording mixed up since op said LH ticketed I thought he/she mean’t tickets where LH stock but SQ marketed and operated. Naturally I didn’t get VA points for the AF flights but retro claiming them to AF was no issue. Odd that NZ would say its impossible.
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    Misleading info from Virgin Velocity FF

    I haven’t had any problems crediting miles to VFF on AF ticketed SQ operated SQ code flights. Booked as part of a return trip from CDG to SYD the SIN-SYD-SIN portion was SQ code and operated and got all the miles. Even family pooling worked.
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    Virgin ‘New Era’ event Thur 19th. [*Postponed*]

    Come on people, let’s cut the jokes. We all already know Virgin is gonna buy dirt cheap 777 from Boring to start flights to HND, LAX, SIN and DOH. What else could it be 🥴
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    Article: Velocity Gold vs Platinum Status: What’s the Difference?

    This shouldn’t be an either/or situation. Lifetime status assures you’ll get permanent revenue from those customers. If given a choice of accruing status with QF or VA who would you pursue given that QF status also means benefits on JQ. It means potentially leaving revenue on the table from...
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    Lounge access on arrival

    Flew MEL-SYD yesterday had no problem going to the lounge on arrival to grab a snack and a coffee to go.
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    Article: Virgin Business Class Better Value than Qantas in 2022?

    I think it just means the introduction of the new VIP tier which will come with « The Club » access
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    Will Sydney lounge direct check-in door open back up at some point?

    MEL lounge priority exit was open today. Now if only Sydney could follow suite.